Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anna Scott's Baby Book - Five and Six Months Old

These past two months have simply blown me away! You have done so many new things! I love watching you grow and master new skills; it makes me so proud.
You are doing much better at baby food now. You look for the spoon and try to grab it to bring it to your mouth. Also, you talk to the spoon EVERY TIME while waiting for it to come back to you. It makes me laugh. I think that you think it helps you get the food faster. You'll probably love food just like me. You haven't swapped to solids completely yet, but you're getting close!

You can sit up on your own now, too! We have to be nearby, though, in case you tip over. You do NOT like to fall. But, really...who does? Usually, we can sit you in the boppy and give you some toys, and you are a pretty much the Happiest Baby Ever.

Speaking of toys, you really like anything with buttons, lights, sounds, etc. You are so inquisitive when it comes to objects. Now, we have to be really careful as to what is in your line of sight and reach! I think you get that from your daddy. He is very observant and curious as well. Your toys of choice are your drums, Sophie, a handheld toy mp3 player, and your Elmo remote (which was Aiden's-as he likes to always remind us). And, as you can see...this month, you noticed The Sticker.
Disney Jr. has to be your favorite thing to watch. If you hear something on TV, you do this shake/jump thing and turn your head super fast, never wanting to miss a thing! Here's a video of you giving The Hand to your dad. He was interrupting your Mickey time.

I think you will be crawling any day. Or at least Army crawling. You can go backward, but the whole forward thing? You're working on.

During sleep, you will roll onto your belly and if you wake up, sometimes you're confused and you'll cry. This just started a couple nights ago. Once you're back on your back with your paci, lovie, and blanket, all is right with the world.

Right now your favorite sounds to make are Da-da-da-da mixed with a ta-ta-ta-ta. You also enjoy the occasional raspberry. No words yet, though. I'm pulling for "Mama". Duh.
You have experienced your first Tennessee Volunteers Football season, and I have to say that you look so precious in Big Orange.
Those are only a few of the things you have done that have made your daddy and me laugh, smile, or beam with pride. It's never dull with you and your brother around. That is certain. I can't wait to see how you grow this next month! We will have our first vacation as a family of four!

I love you, Baby Boo!

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