Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Your Name

Before we knew you, there was debate
Our ideas were not the same
He had ideas, and I had mine
on what would be your name
Then one day, it happened
And we ended our campaigns
It was divine when we revealed
What would be your name
On the day of your beginning
The conclusion of the waiting game
You were handed to me, a swaddled gift
And I spoke aloud your name
When rocking you to sleep
Singing more softly with each refrain
I’d lean down gently and touch your nose
Tenderly whispering your name
In your first year, you smiled, you crawled
You walked, and we’d exclaim
How proud of you we all were
And then we’d chant your name
I look so forward to the days
My emotions can’t be contained
When the fridge is papered with cryptic art
That proudly displays your name
And then the day our hearts will swell
And they’ll break just the same
When in your cap and gown you’ll walk
As they announce your name
Later on, you’ll fall in love
And she will feel the same
You will stand and she will stand
As she says aloud your name
The two of you will look down one day
And I will watch tearstained
At the precious gift you have received
And “Daddy” will be your name.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smells of Spring

I have this weird affinity toward smells and associating them with different memories, events, and periods in my life. I have always done this, it's more than weird, I know, but I kind of love it. I thought it would be fun to post my favorite smells of Spring. Here goes...sniff-sniff

When I smell Gain Joyful expressions, I am automatically thrown to the Spring of 2009 when I was pregnant with Aiden. Those were great days--shopping for maternity clothes, nesting, and going to showers. Sometimes, I will just smell the cap before dumping it to relive the sweet memories.
Speaking of sweet memories, the sweetest of the sweet was my first week with Aiden. I can still remember my very first shower in the hospital...BLISS. And this was the shampoo I used, Redken Blonde Glam. It smells like grapefruit, so refreshing! And after continuous sleepless nights, those showers were always exactly what I needed. Before this, I was what you would consider a commitment-phobe when it came to shampoos. I always had to try a new one! But now I am proud to say that we have been in a beautiful relationship for almost two years! I also am a sucker for Milkshake Whipped Cream. It smells so good, you want to eat it! Not saying I have or anything...

When Aiden was not even one month old, we moved in with my Dad while our house deal went through (the owner was bankrupt). Most would be a little more than bummed that they couldn't be in their own home with a new baby, but our stay there was awesome! One smell that reminds me our time there is the coconut lime lotion at ULTA. Rhonda got it for me and I have been hooked ever since! 
Finally I want to mention a new favorite scent. Knowing me, in the future, it will be associated with this year in some way. All I know now is that I freaking love it! I can say that I am officially addicted to Bath And Body Works' candles. Getting the 2/$20 advertisement in my inbox makes my day! I am currently burning and adoring Pomegranate Lemonade and Caribbean Salsa. Yum.
Fun stuff...I just hope I can savor Spring and not wish it away for summer break like usual.

Finding Jesus

Yesterday, while catching up on the weekend’s devotionals, I came across something that sort of rocked my world. Have I mentioned lately how great this little book is? Well, it is. I hate to admit it, but I did get behind over break, but it was kinda cool to be able to read several in one sitting. I took notes so that I wouldn’t rush through and forget—something I teach my kids to do, so I figured I should practice what I preach. One thing stuck with me through the night and into this morning. I even made a little sign for my desk at work.
“Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking Me continually.”
I read that and I thought “Ding-ding that’s it!”. I am constantly working on letting go of my control of my world, but I have been struggling with accomplishing that goal. I know I want to let Him take control, but my head and those aforementioned voices start planning and evaluating. That is why I cannot let go. I have a habit of planning and evaluating, not a habit of trusting and thanking. Sure, I trust God wholeheartedly, and I am extremely thankful for everything He does for me; however, I wouldn’t consider it a continual practice or habit. So today, I am going to start a new habit and limit my planning and evaluating. While I will still plan and evaluate a little (occupational hazard), I will mix it with equal parts trust and thanksgiving. In my personal life; however, I will let go of the planning for tomorrow and evaluating yesterday. I will trust Him completely with what is to come, and I will thank Him for every little thing.
“Thankfulness is where you find Me.”
This morning I found Jesus…
When I woke from a full night’s rest.
At all of the green lights I was able to drive right on through.
At McDonald’s when I got a coffee with loose change in my car.
In my devotional book.
In my beautiful friend and coworker, Karla, who shared her lesson with me today.
And it’s only 7:15!
Where did you find Him?


Monday, March 28, 2011

Operation: Potty Train - Day Three

Day three consisted of zero, I repeat ZERO accidents. He let me know when he had to "poo-poo" in the potty (he calls both pee-pee and poo-poo the same thing--something we're working on). I did still ask every hour or so just to be sure, but for the most part, I would say he progressed tremendously! We didn't get to play outside with it being so wet and cold, but we did lots more celebrating with Bogey and snacking.

When Jamie got home, we left to make our amazing Kroger run. The rules said that we could leave the house, but he had to wear just loose pants (no underwear, no pull-ups). So we did it. And he did it! I was so proud. I did have a moment of doubt, though...let's just say there was gas involved. But all was well. Now, that would have been a nightmare. So, overall day three was 100% success!

Now, it's Monday (three days later). He will tell us he needs to potty and just has accidents while sleeping. We bought some underwear for the weekends and pull-ups for sleeping (which he LOVES!) He gets upset when I take the pull-ups off and throw them away--good sign. He went to Gi-Gi and Ga-Ga's house today, so some progress was lost, but I feel good about the foundation we've established: he knows to tell us, he knows not to do it if he is bare bottomed, he is eager to potty and receive praise. All in all, those are above and beyond where I wanted him to be. If I were at home to continue reinforcing, I am positive he would be potty trained within a week. I would say that three days really does teach them what to do and helps them understand; however, inconsistency can throw a kink in things. I will continue the bare bottom technique while we are home on weekends, and hit it hard in the summer if needed! The naked technique definitely works! Good job, Aiden!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Linking up with Katie at Loves Of Life...
Whoa...I opened my eyes this morning and was shocked that the clock did not say 6:45, but 8:45! What?! I cannot believe Aiden and I slept that late. What a pleasant surprise! This morning, we're doing what has become our routine this week. It makes me sad to think we won't get to next week. But I am so thankful that I had this week home with him. And really, I only have a couple of months until summer. I cannot wait! I am very blessed to have a career that gives time for family. Thank you, God. 

Cheerios, "duice", and Yo Gabba Gabba
(still rockin' the no pants while at home...see potty training post)
Coffee and Cheerios for Mommy...LOVE

Saturday Morning Scene

Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures in Couponing

Recently, I decided to start couponing. I know now that you can't buy stuff just because you have a coupon. The key is waiting until the item is at a rock bottom price. I found two great website that help me find the best prices, and they even tell me what coupons I need. I posted the links at the bottom of this post in case anyone is interested. My first try was somewhat successful, but nothing to get too ecstatic about. I spent $64 at Kroger on $111 worth of stuff. I know now that I should have thought more about the sets of ten items. Also, I did not have that many coupons at this point, so I didn't have one for every item. But saving $47 was a lot better than I had done in the past.

My next attempt was smaller--CVS. This time, I only purchased items that I had a coupon for and that gave me extra bucks back. I even numbered my transactions (five total). The clerk was so patient and very helpful. It was a very stress free and exciting experience! I got $73 worth of items for $39 plus $2 extra bucks for my next trip. Below is a pic--I was very excited about the Clorox wipes!

I still wasn't saving the thrilling amounts I was aspiring know, like those people on TLC. So I got a little discouraged. I decided I was going to continue to collect more coupons and try when I completely understood the process. That is until I sent Jamie on a Walgreens run for printer ink (kinda used it up printing coupons) when he called to tell me it would be a while. So I searched for some deals that didn't require a coupon. This is what he got: Almay Eyeliner and some plackers ($11) we got $.66 back. Our first MONEYMAKER!!! 

I had told my brother's girlfriend, Kara, who is unbelievably awesome about my new hobby, and she let her unbelievable awesome mom know. Her mom is what I would call a professional couponer. Through emails, she has taught me a lot. I know a better way of thinking about the coupon now. I understood it before, but now it's not as vague. She also hooked me up with a shopping trip's worth of coupons. They all applied to the Kroger mega sale that I mega failed at earlier in the week. Anyway, I took her advice and got a LOAD of Powerade, Vitamin Water, pasta, dip, and cooking creme! It was an unusual shopping trip, buying a few items, but counting by 20s and 30s. Supposedly this is something we'll do every six weeks or so--stock up on super low priced items that you or someone you know will actually use. That's what we did, and it was awesome. Even little man tagged along (diaperless bottom and all!) and didn't whine one bit. It was a double success!

Before coupons/Kroger discounts: $179
Total due: $17
Total Savings: $153!!!
*We had to go back to fix a mistake. Got $10*

And, yes, people stood around to watch the total decrease. And, yes, my husband took pictures. It was our first time, and it was awesome. I can't wait until the next adventure! 

Here's our growing stockpile. Not bad for the first week. Does it make you wanna buy a binder?

Operation: Potty Train - Day Two

We started the morning like yesterday, celebrated being a BIG BOY and not having to wear a diaper, successfully used the potty before and after breakfast, then periodically throughout the morning. BUT THEN, Ga-Ga came over for a visit. I do believe this threw a kink in things. Not only did it get him out of our established routine, but Ga-Ga gave him no-telling-how-many bite size candy bars. Not good. So let's just say "it" didn't hit the FAN, but it hit the floor. Three times within ten minutes. After Ga-Ga left, of course. Poor little guy. He told me, "belly hurt". So I bit my tongue when I wanted to yell, "NOOO!" Luckily, I'm used to cleaning up after Bogey which didn't freak me out too much, but still not the most pleasant experience. 

The rest of the day (from 11:00 on) went great! No accidents, numerous hits, and lots of celebration and snack rewards (NOT candy). This was something I didn't do as well yesterday. After the "incident", I became discouraged and hit the message boards. The only thing I feel that I did wrong was not going over the top with celebrating hits. I did this all day today! I even let him overhear me bragging to Bogey, "Bogey, guess what Aiden did?! He pee-peed in the potty like a big boy!" This worked like a charm! After that, everytime he used the potty, he'd scream, "BOOOOOOGEY!" That plus the snack rewards kept him coming back for more. He only told me he had to go once, though. This is my fault because I kept telling him to go (I was a little paranoid).

We finally got to go outside and play. He loved it, even though it was significantly colder. He loved having pants on without the diaper like a big boy. I wish it would get warmer for playtime tomorrow, but I'm sure he will enjoy it no matter what. I'd love to make a trip to Kroger to try the Mega Sale again. Not sure if I'm that brave...

I feel excited for tomorrow. I'm going to continue celebrating, snacks, and bragging to Bogey. We won't have any chocolate binges. And I will let go of my control and allow him to tell me he has to potty. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Operation: Potty Train - Day One

Well, the little man is in bed, and Jamie and I are watching a movie. Today was a lot more successful than I had anticipated. He used the potty first thing when he woke up and we celebrated the fact that he didn't have to wear a diaper today. BIG BOY! He acted a little excited, but he didn't act too differently. He ran around playing like his usual self. 

Between 8 and 10 this morning, he had two and a half accidents. The first was precious (or at least the look on his face was, not so much the mess). He was sitting on the ottoman and just looked up at me with the most confused little expression. We went to the potty and he helped me clean it up. The next accident, he stopped and told me and we got to the potty in time. That was impressive. The third happened out of my sight. Surprisingly, he yelled to let me know that it happened and pointed. So honest!

He slept a good two hours and didn't even wet his diaper at all (he can wear a diaper at bedtime and naps). He told me he had to go a couple of times and did. Those were worth all of the clean-ups! He even went no.2 (yep, I went there) in the potty, and never during an accident...AWESOME!

He did have one more accident this evening, but again, there were more "hits" than there were "misses". Overall, I feel so proud and excited for tomorrow. I am especially excited about going outside! I've noticed a little bit of cabin fever this afternoon. I will keep posting progress over the next couple of days. Hopefully, we'll be successful!

I guess I'll throw in a bonus movie review since it's finishing up as I type:
The Tourist - It's okay...a little predictable. NOT action packed like what I expected, but better than TV.

Operation: Potty Train

I have been hearing and reading about this method that teaches your toddler to use the potty within three days! It sounds like one of those too-good-to-be true offers you hear on an infomercial; however, after talking with friends, researching the good 'ole internet, and reading forum after forum, I think it just might work. After thinking and talking about it for a couple of months, I am ready to take the leap. I decided Spring Break would be the best time to do it since, of course, I will be home. 

So here is how it is supposed to go down...
Day one: Let him go naked from the waist down. Watch him closely all day, do not leave the house. When he starts to show signs of having to potty, take him straight there. Give praise for every "hit" and even a salty snack (this makes them more thirsty) which brings me to the last detail--give him lots of diluted juice. During naps, he can wear a diaper. Oh, and let's not forget to keep cleaning supplies within quick reach. Also, let him clean up the mess with you. 
More notes: Don't scold, but remind him to pee-pee/poo-poo in the potty. Tell him, "It's time to go potty!" instead of asking if he has to go--answers will usually be NO. Praise, praise, praise!

Day two: Do the same thing as day one, but take him outside for one hour. BUT he has to use the potty first. This lets him associate going out with pottying--so he'll do it before you leave the house in the future.

Day three: Same as day two, but go out for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

I begin this today. I will post the recap after bedtime tonight...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

One of my favorite things about reading others' blogs is the "Saturday Morning Scene" so I decided to join in on the fun! Thanks, Laura!

   This morning, we got up (we meaning Aiden and me), started laundry/played, then got ready. Even Jamie got up early to go eat Panera! YUM!

After an oh-so-satisfying breakfast (and especially coffee), we headed to my favorite place, The Avenue, for some retail celebration of Spring Break. Is it just me, or does sunshine combined with the bright colored tops and skirts make you weaker when it comes to shopping? I even got my Easter outfit and some more colors of the cotton tee that I'm obsessed with right now. I think I did pretty well, though. I got two free items at VS and saved over $60 at the LOFT. Jamie wasn't too impressed, but I was!

This is the first thing Aiden does as soon as we walk in the door...vrrrrrum-vrrrrum!

We played a little more, and even had time to do a puzzle.

Then it was nap time. Sweet dreams, baby boy.

Jamie and I did what we do best--doing laundry and watching basketball.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the wonderful blessing that is Saturday!

Saturday Morning Scene

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fill 'er Up Please.

Today, I am reading about God’s intimate awareness of the details of our lives. We think we are so complex, but he does not. He knows every detail—good or bad, relevant or irrelevant. He knows. And I read that it should not trouble us, but comfort us instead. If anyone else knew so many things about me, I would constantly worry what their opinion of me is. Has it changed—for the better, or for the worse? But I don’t have to do that with God. His Forgiveness is unchanging. I mean, it’s what He sent His son for—to sacrifice His Life so that we can have it…forever. This alone is reason enough to shout out loud in celebration. This alone is why I will not fear His awareness of the details of my life, but embrace it and thank Him for it. The passage continued with one resonating comparison: “As I fill you up with My Love, you become a reservoir of love, overflowing into the lives of other people.” That sounds good to me!

Dear Lord, please fill me up with your comforting presence and light so that others can see a glimpse of you through my actions and words. Help me to be aware of this throughout my day today. Thank You for Your Forgiveness of my imperfections and the comfort of knowing that You know all, and still love me—unconditionally. Guard my family, protect us from evil, and fill us with Your Presence today. Thank you, God.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let Go, and Let God.

   Do you ever find yourself thinking about the day in an anxious way? Whether it is good anxiety or bad, you just can’t seem to stop thinking about the day’s objectives. I do this from the sound of the alarm up until I drift to sleep. I try to have the perfect day everyday. I was unaware that I do this until I read a blog written by a person whom I have never met, but have the utmost respect and admiration for. Her name is Sara Walker, a fellow Lipscomb Alum of my husband. She recently gave birth to a stillborn baby girl and has now been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Her battle is unfathomably large, but you would not BELIEVE her strength. She gives one-hundred percent of the glory to God, and does not take credit for any of it. She has helped me grow closer with Him in the past few weeks than I have ever been. One of her more poignant posts was about the freedom she has received from God. She speaks of always trying to have that “perfect day”. She goes on to tell her readers that we are free from these anxieties. She says that her cancer is a gift from God, because this was revealed to her through her struggle. My favorite lesson from her is to SAVOR each moment, and not to worry about tomorrow because He is already there. WOWZERS.
This morning, Jesus spoke to me through my little devotional book. He said, “Instead of trying to fit this day into a preconceived mold, relax and be on the lookout for what I am doing…this is far better than trying to make things go according to your own plan. Anxiety wraps you up in yourself, trapping you in your thoughts. When you look to Me and whisper My Name, you break free and receive My help. Focus on Me and you will find Peace in My Presence.”
So, today, that is my objective. I am going to savor like Sara. I am going to focus on God’s plan, not mine. I am going to whisper his name when anxiety seeps in. Man, it’s unreal how freeing it feels.

   God, please help me to be aware of Your goals for this day. This is Your day, not mine. And I need to remember that. Thank You for Sara and Your ministry through her. Thank You for The Cross and Your Sacrifice. Thank You for our freedom. I love you, Lord.

Sara’s Journal -

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aiden's Baby Book - 19 and 20 months

Well, Aiden, you have become a little man of opinion. This month, you began saying “uh-uh” and “uh-huh”. When we would ask you if you wanted to go night-night, you could answer with a yes or a no. My favorite is when you say, “uh-uh…no”. That is one of the cutest things you have done in a while! You also will hug and give kisses…they’re awesome too. When Mommy gets hurt, you say “Ya-okay?” and give me a kiss. Also, when you get in trouble, you lean your head toward mine and give kisses. Slick little booger.

We played in the snow during one of Mommy's many snow days this year, and you helped make a snowman (which you called a "punkin"). I thoroughly enjoyed all of the extra time I got to spend with you. We would wake up, eat oatmeal or "metmeals", watch Sprout, play, nap, cuddle, and play some more. It is truly my idea of the perfect day.

You also started using the potty! In fact, on your first try, you went number one and number two. Again, you impress us with your ability to go above and beyond expectations. Whenever we ask if you need to potty, you can answer, but sometimes you don’t want anything to do with it—at all! You still use your diaper, but whenever you sit on the potty, you do it! It’s just getting you to go there first. Mommy is going to work with you next week (my Spring Break), and I bet you will figure it out. You always do.
You can work a wooden puzzle. On your first try, you did three simultaneously. I think you’re a genius, but I may be a little biased. You can feed yourself a lot more neatly with a fork or spoon, but when all else fails, you’ll result back to using the hands.

Your Favorite Toys
You love playing with your Little People cars. Even though you have plenty of toys downstairs, your favorite thing to do is go upstairs to play in your room. When we are downstairs, though, you ride around on you Harley Motorcycle that Gi-Gi and Ga-Ga got you for Christmas—a.k.a. “mo-mo”. You have shown your likeness to your mom by lining up your cars. They all must face the same direction, and the have to be in a straight line. You also like putting things in a designated place, then taking them out to do it again. This makes me smile. You like to bring your Magna Doodle over to me or Daddy and request different drawings. Usually a dog or a basketball are at the top of your list, until recently when you threw us off with a “Nemo!” Mommy tried her best. You like chasing Bogey (always have), although, sometimes we have to remind you to be nice to him. You like to hide from Mommy in your tent. You think you’re so funny when you scurry inside and say, “hidin”. I laugh every time. Bath time is another favorite of yours. While having your hair rinsed is not at the top of your list, you love to play with the toys and splash around. The other day, you even laid yourself down in the water and loved it! When riding in the car, you absolutely must have a DVD playing (a battle I lost to your dad long ago). As soon as you are strapped in, we here either “Viggles” (The Wiggles), “Memo” (Finding Nemo), or “Cars”. You even like to change your mind mid-movie—just exercising your opinion, of course.

Funny Things You’ve Done
Your mean face
Your happy face—You smile and clap and say “Happy! Happy!”
You run around and shoot your tiny fists in the air with excitement.
When you fall or drop something, you grunt like Mommy and G-Daddy.
Your made up gibberish sentences—I really think YOU know what you’re saying.
When you see things that look like baby toys, you say “babies.”
When you take big bites, you make a chomp noise.
Animal noises: pig, cat, dog, tiger
Instead of “coffee” you say “fah-kee”
You can get a dish detergent packet out of the bag, and put it in the dishwasher.
Your dance moves are improving. You still do your elbows up/old man jig, but with more swagger.

I can’t wait until next week when I can be with you all day, everyday.
I love you, baby boy.

Love, Mommy

Aiden's Baby Book - Our Stay at G-Daddy's

When we sold the house (the week you were born), we had to move out within a week. Our new house was not ready, so we had to live at G-Daddy’s house while we waited. What was supposed to be a couple of weeks, turned into months, but we enjoyed every minutes of it. In these precious few months of your life, you hit lots of milestones, and we made many beautiful memories.

On your one month birthday, Mommy and Daddy bought you a play mat from Toys R us. We couldn’t wait to get it home so that you could play with it. You loved looking at all of the bright colors, and especially the lights that twinkled to the music. We would let you lie on your back, then your tummy to work on holding your head up, even though you were already doing this the first night we brought you home. You have always impressed us with your advanced development, and continue to do so.


We were still living at G-Daddy’s and Ra-Ra’s house. Your first months were a lot of fun. You and would hang out. I can remember being perfectly content just looking at you, asleep or awake. I was so mesmerized by the miracle that was you. Uncle B was a great help to me; he would go to get you and calm you if you cried while I was downstairs doing laundry or washing your bottles. I think you helped him to train for having his own little one. You had many visitors: Ki-Ki, Aunt Betsy, Ainsley, Chandler, Papa, Caroline, Trey, Clara and Roy, Vickie and Steve, Brad, Blake and Becca, Gi-Gi and Ga-Ga, Nini, Uncle Johnny and Aunt D, Paula and Jamie, Jamison and Peyton, Mommy’s friends, Kati and Mira, Heather and Daniel (who were expecting Carter within the next month or two) and many more to hold you and love on you. You were very captivating.

You became fond of your paci, which I later regretted. In your first few weeks, you weren’t interested at all. But for some reason, I kept giving it to you (sigh). We took it everywhere we went. Mommy even had special wipes for your paci if it ever fell on the ground! You also started sleeping longer stretches through the night. We would get up once in the middle of the night, feed you, and watch DVR episodes of HGTV or food network star. Mommy also would get a snack—zebra cakes and sprite were my favorites! You did not like bath time very much, though. You would scream so loudly, they could hear you in the bonus room!

August began your first football season! Every Saturday, we would put you in one of your many Tennessee outfits. You definitely had ample amounts of orange in your baby clothes collection. One day, I was holding you during the game and G-Daddy and Uncle B screamed so loudly at a play that it scared you, and you screamed too! Sometimes, during games, you and I would go to bed and watch it while we cuddled and napped.

We got you your bouncy seat when you were 3 months old. We had to put a throw pillow under your chubby little legs so that you could jump. You were still a little small for it. But you loved playing with the toys, and we adored watching you. You became more alert as the weeks went on. I started carrying you in your Baby Bjorn. This quickly became one of our favorite activities. I would wear you while washing bottles, doing laundry, and my favorite, shopping! On Labor Day, we had a little shopping spree together. We bought “happies” for Mommy and and a cool, new football outfit for you—a rugby shirt, jeans, and your first big boy shoes.

Overall, your first couple of months and our stay at G-Daddy’s house was a wonderful experience. We had family around all of the time, always willing to lend a helping hand. I am especially fond of our family meals, watching TV shows and movies in the bonus room, then retiring to our bedroom just a few steps away (while Daddy stayed up to play video games). It was good for everyone—We had help, they got to bond with you, and Uncle B got free Daddy Lessons.

We also went on our first family vacation to the beach in October. You put your feet in the ocean for the first time ever and we discovered that a 3 hour drive to Destin with a 3 month old and additional passengers was not worth the shopping we got to do. But we did spend lots of quality time together away from work and chores.

Reluctantly, I started back to school. The best part was that it made me a better teacher. I cared more than I had before, and it also made the afternoons much better. My favorite part of the day was when I heard you and Daddy come upstairs. I would cuddle you, feed you, play with you, bathe you, and cuddle or rock some more. Quality time with you was so precious! I remember one night, while the fantasy football draft was happening in the bonus room, I was rocking you to sleep and…

You smiled and laughed!

I was so excited, I ran into the bonus room, in the middle of everyone, completely interrupting them and broadcasted it to everyone! I have told you before, and I will never stop telling you how proud you make me and your dad. We love you, little man!

Love, Mommy

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