Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anna Scott's Baby Book - Four Months Old

Baby Girl,

Another month has flown by, and you are growing and growing while continuing to capture our hearts with your charming little antics! You have hit several milestones this month. Now (on our third try) you can put yourself to sleep WITHOUT A PACI! This is something your big brother didn't do until he turned One! I would have let you keep it. In fact, that's why it has taken us three tries--Mommy kept giving in. But after complaining to Dr. Castleberry about how you can't keep it in while sleeping, she convinced me to help you quit "Cold Turkey". It makes me sad, but happy that you (and I) can sleep without it falling out and making you cry instead of getting some much needed rest! As I am typing, I am listening to you coo yourself to sleep in your own bed.

You sleep in your crib at night unswaddled! During the day, you still sleep in your co-sleeper, but no longer have to be attached to the bed. You still take two small morning naps and a BIG stretch in the afternoon! And I still get that sweet little smile when you wake. It makes my heart explode every time.

Some of your favorite things seem to be bath time, playing with your little toys, and most definitely watching Aiden. You have really gotten the hang of Tummy Time. And when you get tired of that, you can now roll onto your back all by yourself! Aiden is always there to cheer you on and celebrate when you do it. And you always give him your classic gummy grin.

This week, you will get to start trying baby food and cereal! I cannot wait to get that on video! If you are anything like me, you will love food.

Another milestone you have hit is being able to reach out to grab things. This is my favorite because I think it is so sweet when you reach to touch my face. Sometimes, though, it's hard to get you to let go. You like to hold onto your bottle or me when you're eating, reach out and swat your toys, and touch and grab people's faces. I just love to watch your face as you discover your little world.

We are so excited to see you grow into such a beautiful little girl. You make your mommy, daddy, and brother so proud.
We love you little Anna Scott!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Superman Turns Three!

Three years old.


But with the sadness that my baby boy is growing up so quickly comes the excitement of the party! And I have to say that this was his best one yet. Jamie and I had a blast, and I hope that the rest of our family and friends feel the same!

Ever since last year's birthday gift from "Uncle B" (Captain America stuff), Aiden's obsession with super heroes has grown tremendously. I know way more than I ever knew I could know about super heroes, their affiliates, groups to whom they belong, villains, and their alter egos. And my kid? knows about twice as much as that. He now has an always growing (much to my chagrin) collection of super hero t-shirts. I will admit, though, that some are still cute. {Thank you, GAP and Old Navy} His closet holds a dress-up drawer where you can find everything you need in order to go fight crime and two drawers full of every figure that graces the aisles of Target or a commercial break on The Hub. The fact is: My kid can't get enough. He wants to get the bad guys 24/7, and if you agree to be his accomplice? Good luck getting out of it.

With that said, the theme for this year's party was a huge "DUH". We would celebrate SUPER HERO STYLE!
We even invited the guests to join in on the fun, and dress as their favorite hero or villain. We think dress up parties are kind of awesome. Actually, our family used to do them quite a bit, so we were all a little more than excited to bring it back.
After months of planning our "outfits" and Aiden going back and forth, back and forth about who we should all dress as, we finally made up our minds his mind! IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN. Jamie and Aiden were originally dressing as Superman together, but they just don't make the adult costume for a 6 foot 2 man! Which I found kind of ironic. So instead, Jamie opted for the alter ego, Clark Kent. When we found the fedora, I was sold. We found Anna Scott's Wonder Woman onesie at Old Navy which was awesome! I had pinned it long ago, and was anticipating a long, drawn-out internet search. Aiden is a fan of the Super Hero Squad show, and I have been told since the beginning that I would be Miss Marvel, aka "Yellow Hair". Mind you, this is NOT the comic book Miss Marvel for the adult crowd. She's the one who wears clothes. We all had a great time shopping and putting the looks together, and I'm sure Jamie and I scored major cool points.
We weren't the only cool people, though. Batman and Robin were there, and they brought their Avenger friends, Captain America and Black Widow!
Among the other guests were Wonder Woman, a somewhat taller version of Captain America, a cute, mini Black Widow, and Batman and Catwoman! Aiden was so thrilled to see everyone dressed up as his favorite heroes! To say I loved seeing his reaction would be a major understatement.
 There were four different tables: Batman, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man. The main table was decorated in honor of the Birthday Boy, Superman! There was a Superman cake, snacks, pizza, hero cupcakes, and even Kryptonite Cookies!
And Superman got everything his little superhero heart could wish for. And MORE! Seeing his little face light up was just about the sweetest and cutest thing ever!
After everything was opened, he had one last surprise from Mommy and Daddy...
A Spiderman Bicycle!
After gifts and cake, everyone went out for a swim, and even more fun was had! We are so beyond blessed to have family and friends that love our little boy as much as we do. Jamie and I were talking about it later that night, and both agreed that we had not had that much fun in a long time. 
I hope Aiden remembers each and every birthday, not because of the gifts, but because of who was there to celebrate along with him. He is so loved. And I am glad he knows that.
Happy Birthday, Little Man! We love you!

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