Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The A Team

It's not a secret that I would LOVE to be able to stay home with my little man everyday. I hate that I miss out on hours of his comments and accomplishments, but I have to say...If I were going to spend my days with anyone other than my family, it would be with this group of beautiful people. This year, I have been blessed to work with each one of these amazingly talented educators, and we have formed a bond that is an awful lot like family! It sounds so freakin' cheesy. I know. But it's the truth. Promise. I have been meaning to do a blog about them, and since we had a get together last night, I thought this was the perfect time. *Names have been changed to protect the innocent. As for the pics, I know. The hubby was a little snap-happy. And we were clearly not ready.

 After a whole year of deadlines, paperwork, discipline, assemblies, schedule changes, and more laughs than we could handle, we celebrated the beginning of summer at DeWindow's house. She is a first year teacher, but you'd never know it. She is unbelievable classy and the quietest of the five. She likes to observe, I've noticed. But when she chimes in, it means something. Or it's really, really funny. Anyways...DeWindow and her hubby had the team over for great food. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thanks, y'all.
The DeWindows. He always smiles this way (even in his driver's license).  Awesomeness.
We had another newbie this year, Waffle. Waffle is like no other girl human you will ever meet. I LOVE HER. She, like DeWindow, never acted like a "first year teacher". They always had their stuff together. Incredible. So other than being super impressive, this chick will make you laugh 'til your cheeks {the ones on your face} hurt. She has a pure heart and pretty much the best sense of humor ever. I mean, she should seriously have her own show. Seriously.
Waffle and hairstyle number three. Rock those chopsticks, girl.
Then there's Sully. He is the only "he" we have. Bless his heart. We all think he hung the moon, and so do the kids. At first, it's easy to be insanely envious of his charm with students, but that soon fades away and turns into major appreciation. He is the guy that would do anything for you. And it doesn't hurt that he can quote and joke with the best of us. His wife and I were preggers together, so we are the ones that brag about our babies at lunch. I like that I'm not the only one.
Sully and wifey
And finally, our matriarch, Klara. Imagine your grandmother. You know, the one who won't let you say "fart" and thinks that everyone is good and wears a halo? Okay, now put that grandmother inside of a playboy bunny's body. That's Klara. She would do anything for anybody and reminds me a lot of Gloria from Modern Family. She is over-the-top generous and has absolutely no idea how hot she is. She has come a long way this year...now she can make "That's what she said" jokes, prank us, and knows some rap songs that we don't even know. She is my partner in planning. I can't say enough about how much I have learned from this woman. What an awesome role model. She has the household, the husband, the job, and the kids. And she works it! I really look up to her because of that.
Klara and her husband {who is not Peyton Manning}
So that's our team. I love them. I'd do anything for them. And I can't wait work with them again! I'll leave you with some more fun pics from the evening.

Sully with Klara's hair

Waffle and DeWindow {not sure how to pose while not posing}
not Peyton
This is Kevin. That's his real name.
Their super cool basement/man cave
Weird Indian Guy who they found buried in their yard. He watches over the house. 
You can't take me anywhere.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm sitting in the bed, in the dark, staring at the computer, thinking of what to say and how to say it. I have been wanting to write about my experience this week for a while, but have put it off day after day. I've done this for several reasons: I'm too tired, I have no idea how to write it, I don't know if I should write, but most of all...it's going to be difficult to write. But tonight, as I was folding laundry (in deep thought), I realized that I needed to write. I need to write because it's therapeutic, and it's a wonderful way to reflect. I preach this to my students all the time! It's also why I created this blog in the first place. It's my place to talk about my growing walk with God and my hope for another baby. So that's what I'm doing. I'm writing. Well...sort of rambling. But forgive me. This will be kind of a lengthy one. I've got a lot swimming in my mind.

A week or so ago, I posted about the hope of being a mommy to another baby one day. I did not know at the time of that post that I was pregnant. We found out and were absolutely elated! It was a  wonderful Mother's Day Week surprise!

Having gone through a miscarriage in February; however, had me prepared for what could (and did) happen. I was devastated. Of course. I cried, screamed, hit stuff, called my Mom, cried some more. After all of that, I prayed. I really prayed. I prayed that He would show me what I need to learn. I thanked Him for what He was teaching me through this:

It sucks. It's sad. I'm sad. But He knows that. I don't have to tell Him. He looks beyond the circumstance. He looks at the heart. Our heart matters most to Him. In my heart, He has done a lot of work this week. In my heart, I am learning that I am a lot like Aiden. As a Christian, I mean. I am stumbling around, trying to find my way around. I am bothered that I can't do things by myself. It's in my nature to do it on my own. And most of all, I am learning that just because I'm not getting my way when I want it and I feel it isn't fair, He still loves me. And He is there to hold me and comfort me even though I don't understand.

When I tell Aiden it's time to go to bed, he sometimes will cry the most pitiful little cry. He wants to play more than anything else. In that moment, getting to play is his world. And I break his little heart when I take Buzz and Woody away from him and take him to his bed. But I know that he has to have his sleep. He doesn't understand that, but he doesn't need to. I just stroke his cheek, rub his back, hold him, and let him know that I love him. I think that's how God is with us when we are going through these rough times. He knows best. He can't explain it; we can't understand it. We don't need to. He just hold us and lets us know that He loves us. Unconditionally.

That's what He has done for me this week.

As for my hope for another baby. It is bigger than ever. I visited the doctor today, and he is confident that we will be able to diagnose the problem within the next month or so. I know that God has His hand on this area of my life. I'm not worried about it. At all. I am so excited about the baby babies we will have in the future. I believe in Him. And I am overflowing with gratitude for everything He has done for me and in me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Ode to Mom

I am reminded today of the amazing gift that is being a mother. Being that someone for someone else. The person he looks to for guidance, comfort, etc. What a blessing! I would not be the mother I am; however, if it were not for my mother teaching me and leading by example throughout my life. I am truly grateful for the lessons she has taught me:

My mother took us to church every Sunday. My mother read and studied her Bible in front of us. She blessed the food. Enough said.

Sacrifice for Your Children
My mother sacrificed many things for the benefit of my brother and me. She put in hours and hours of hard work. She sacrificed unknown credit card charges in order for us to have the things we wanted. She sacrificed time she probably needed to sit down and relax after work in order to put a home-cooked supper on the table every night. Looking back, I don't see how she did it-packing up a car by yourself, taking care of the house by yourself. I have Jamie, and we still barely get it all done. I love the simplicity of her response when I ask how she did it. You just do it.

Strength in Humility
My mother has always seemed so strong to me. When I have mentioned this to her, she always denies it. She has taught me that our strength comes not from ourselves or from the world, but from God. Always give the glory to Him.

Power of Forgiveness
My mother has had her share of "curveballs". While they have inevitably worn on her over the years, she always handled them with grace. She taught me at a young age to turn the other cheek. Later in life, I second guessed this lesson because I thought I felt weak compared to others and their backbone that I seemed to be lacking. But, honestly, I love that I do not feel ruled by my anger. Sure, I get mad! But I know that I don't have to get revenge. I forgive as He forgives. Much easier.

Thank you, Mom, for doing your part as my mother.
I love you

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

We woke up early this morning! I love getting up early when it just happens. I feel like I'm not rushed, and I get more time to peruse blogs, and Aiden gets more time to play in his pj's and watch "Buzz and Woody"--Please notice the cowboy hat. "It's like Woody's!"

We really don't have any big plans for this morning. I was home with a sick baby on Thursday (I had thought he was better on my Wednesday post, but notsomuch) so I was able to get all of the laundry done. I cleaned like crazy last weekend, so I'm going to give myself a break today. That means I have the entire morning for blogging, couponing, and playtime! I hope to go get some of this week's deals this afternoon before heading off to celebrate my cousin Becca's birthday! I am always excited about a birthday party. The food ain't bad either. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday to the MAX! And I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day as well!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

Let it be known that you will probably think much less of me after reading this post. Please, please do not judge too harshly.

I must admit that I have a thing for reality television. I want to hate it and not ever watch it, but it's just impossible. They have had a kung fu grip on my heart ever since MTV's Real World, and I'm afraid they'll never let go. My new love is titled "Pregnant in Heels". It airs on Bravo (which should tell you a lot). Please don't hate me.
The show follows Rosie Pope, maternity designer and pregnancy concierge. That's right. Pregnancy concierge, someone who is paid mega bucks to do ridiculous things for her pregnant clients. I really like Rosie. She has a two year old son and is currently having to undergo fertility treatments. She speaks openly about her situation, which I think was the first thing I was drawn to. My other reasons are much more shallow. I love her outfits, her flamboyantly gay assistant, and all of her seriously deranged millionaire clients. It's like watching COPS, Project Runway, and A Baby Story all in one show! If you ever watch it, don't expect to be blown away. The parents she visits are unbelievably dumb, but I'm guessing that's why they're on the show. She has an accent/speech impediment which I'm sure some people find irritating, but I think it's part of her charm. The show is far from award winning, but I am not going to lie...I kind of love it. For reasons I can't quite explain. I hope you can understand.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie at this kind of love for the first time today!

Here is what I'm loving at the moment:
I am loving that my students actually listened, read, and participated in today's lesson. The best part is that this unit will stretch until the last week of school. I hope the excitement lasts!

I am loving my new shampoo and conditioner that I splurged on this weekend. The Joico Violet shampoo really helps with gold tones that I hate and makes my blonde more platinum. It also smells amazing!
So I found out that Reese Witherspoon uses the Phyto line of shampoos. I think her hair always looks great, so of course, I had to get my hands on some of the Phytojoba line. I LOVE IT. It's botanical/no-sulfates, so that makes me feel like I'm not stripping my hair. It also has a wonderful smell! It is very pricey though, so I only bought the sample pack (shampoo, hydrating mask, and shine cream) for $10 (with coupon, of course) at ULTA. I will definitely be re-purchasing, but maybe later in the summer when I'm not forking out 50 bucks a week on gas.
I am loving that Aiden is finally over his stomach bug and is back to his usual self. I absolutely hate it when he is sick! 

I am loving my new meal plan from e-mealz. It is super-easy, super-cheap, and surprising super-yummy!  
My favorite has been cooking tilapia for the first time. For some reason, I've been intimidated by cooking fish until now. It was tasty!
Finally, I'm loving my absolutely wonderful family! I am blessed to have them in my life!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I Miss (Alternately Titled: What I Look Forward To)

Most of you know that we have been trying for another baby for about a year and a half now, and I am struggling with letting go of my own plan and letting God's will be okay with me. I won't lie. It's hard. I know deep down that I will have another baby. Maybe even two more. I know. I have faith. So what I'm trying to say is that this is not a pouty/doubty post. I just felt like reminiscing over the sweetness that is having a newborn. So while it's things I miss or loved about Aiden, it's also what I look forward to when we have our next baby.
The hospital linens. I know it sounds strange. You spend most of your time as newlyweds finding the perfect thread count sheets, the fluffiest (hypo-allergenic) duvet, squishy pillows, you get it. But for me, the first night of sleep in those linens was heaven. Not to mention Aiden's sweet little swaddle blankets and hospital t-shirt. And I realize it's the most hideous thing I've probably ever worn, but that gown was pretty convenient too! Ha.

The nurses. I was blessed with the most wonderful nurses. I loved hearing that knock every few hours followed by the hushed word, "nursery". Bliss. They took such good care of us, my baby boy and me. If I was really rich, and was sure that no one would find out, I would totally hire one. Shhh.

Laying in bed and staring at him sleeping so soundly. I am quite sure I stared at him more than any other object ever. I still do.

New baby stuff. I freaking loved getting those cute gift bags of more and more polka dotted, puppy dog, monogrammed outfits, burp cloths, swaddlers, etc. I loved the trips to Babies R Us, the showers, and most of all nesting-organizing it all and getting it ready. I still wistfully wander down the baby aisles. It even smells like a baby.

Speaking of smell, smelling that newborn smell. Enough said.

Now, while I miss those things, nothing compares to the new things that come each month he grows. I like to think that God planned it perfectly that way. Just for us mommies. He always knows what we need.

Aiden's Baby Book - 21 and 22 Months

Well, little man, you continue to grow and grow and grow! I have noticed over the past couple of months that you are getting very tall. I put some pajama pants on you just yesterday that you were wearing just this Christmas, but they looked like shorts on you! That made me sad, but excited at the same time because you are growing from my sweet little baby into my sweet little boy.
You're really beginning to enjoy clothes. You react to new outfits with a big smile and a "WOW". You like to look like Daddy. Most everything you put on is in your own words, "like Daddy's". Especially your new Under Armour shirts and cool shoes! This month you got a big boy haircut. You just love standing on your stool while I fix your hair-You're kind of a ham!
You still like to request movies in the car, but have added controlling the living room TV as well. Now, the number one request is "Buzz and Woody!" (aka Toy Story 1, 2, and 3) We have them all on DVR. Luckily for Mommy and Daddy, it's a pretty awesome selection for you to like. The Easter Bunny brought you a Buzz Lightyear this year! You were so excited! You have gotten so attached to him, that you even like him to watch the "Goodnight Show" lullaby in the bed with you and Mommy (tucked in too). You're such a good friend to Buzz!

So far, all foods are enjoyed by you. That comes from your Mommy. You have always been and excellent eater! I just hope you keep it up and don't get picky later on. Lately, you've been helping me cook. We have lots of fun adding ingredients, and you are such a good helper with throwing away trash and even starting the dishwasher!

You can use the fork and spoon without me hovering over you now. You even clean up and say "Uh oh" if you spill something. Sorry for making you a clean freak like me. But your future wife will appreciate it. You can hold on when we play horsey or ride our shoulders or back. These are a few of your favorite activities now. Books are holding your attention longer and you even know some lines of your favorites, especially Good Night Moon. You are learning how to say your prayers, bowing your head, putting your hands together, and saying the sweetest little "Amen". You ask to use the potty, and I am convinced that once you're home with me for summer, you'll be 100%!

Favorite Toys
Buzz Lightyear
Motorcycle and the keys

Funny Things You've Done
If you notice something you've forgotten or overlooked, you'll so "Oh".
When you play talk on the phone, you'll ramble on and randomly say "Umm".
One day you opened the drawer to the coffee table, saw my coupon binder and said "Coupons". You can even notice individual coupons. Mommy is so proud!
You like to line things up to where they are all facing the same direction. Again, I'm sorry.
You call your training pants "Buzz and Woody".
If you get hurt, you say, "Ow-ow-ow-ow". You got that from me. Oops.
If I get hurt, you'll hug me and say "It's okay". So sweet.
You'll love on your glow worm baby and even feed it and rock it to sleep. You'll make a great big brother one day.

As I said before, and I'm sure I will continue to say, you are growing quickly! You make my day, baby boy! I love you sooooooo much! In just a few weeks, we'll be on summer break; I cannot wait!

Love, Mommy

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