Saturday, July 2, 2011

Aiden's Baby Book - 2 Years!

My sweet little Aiden, as hard as it is to accept, you are officially a two-year-old. But even though it might make me a little sad knowing that you're growing up so quickly, you make it easy on Mommy by being such a loving, thoughtful, and hilarious little person! You have yet to display any "terrible twos" signs. While you are mastering the art of a good tantrum, it's nothing that stands out as "Supernanny" worthy. Thank you for that. I just hope you're not saving it up for your teenage years.

We have been having such a great time together this summer. I love that you were born in June. That means that each summer break, Mommy gets to relive the maternity leave days for every one of your birthdays! We get up each day for breakfast and "Yo Gabba Gabba" followed by lots of pool time or playtime. After nap, you help me with chores, play some more, or just cuddle with me for a movie. I am loving these memories we're making. Can you tell?

You have become quite the helper. You put toys back, help me get things out or do laundry, and always do as your told. Even when it is not what you want. It may take a little longer, but you do it, nonetheless. You have yet to disappoint me or your daddy. We are continuously amazed with how quickly you catch onto things. You have a go-with-the-flow personality. I hope that never changes!

You have also become a little lover-boy. You give hugs, requested or out of the blue (those are the best). You always tell me, "g-night, I wah-vu" when I tuck you in. I LOVE IT! You like to go to "Mommy's Beh-ud" to watch the Good Night Show before bed.

Swimming and shopping are popular requests from you. You like to get ready and get out of the house. I'm sorry for the shopping thing. But hopefully you'll grow to enjoy it (or at least get used to it) so that you'll be a better husband. That is, if I approve of her. [wink, wink] As for swimming, you can kick pretty well with your Nemo floaties on. I think next year will be your year for floatie free swimming. Right now, you just like to float around, play with your pool toys, and 1-2-3-jump!

You can pull down/up your pants to use your Lightning McQueen potty!
You only wear a pull-up at night and during naptime.
You eat everything! You love dips (even the spicy ones). You have your my taste buds. You're welcome.
You say yes/no ma'am/sir, please, thank you, and you're welcome. My polite little man!
You eat in a booster seat at restaurants. Bye-bye highchair!
Now, you sleep in your toddler bed. You can get up and out of bed, but stay in it when you know it's time for bed.
You request more books from your shelf now. That makes me giddy!
At night, you can now repeat your "Now I Lay Me" prayer.
You have been off of your paci for a month now. That was way easier than I expected. Thanks!
Favorite Toys
"Mack" the truck that hauls all of your CARS 2 cars.
pretty much ALL of your CARS 2 stuff
your new UT football uniform (This makes us all very happy!)
your Harley motorcycle and keys
Buzz and Woody
Captain America
masks and helmets
Funny Stuff
You roar. A lot.
You'll get someone's toes and say "This piggy in mah-ket. Wee wee all-time!"
Your snort and laugh. Totally got that from me. My bad.
When going #2, you whisper in a very serious tone "I gah poopoo"
You call buttons "butts". As in, "I wanna push the butt."
We were snuggled watching E.T. during the scene in the woods, and you looked up at me after seeing E.T.'s hand in the branches and said, "I scaaared."
You have become a human tape recorder.
Cameras and phone calls are not your cup of tea. You bolt as soon as you are put on the spot to talk, smile, or perform.
If Bogey gets anywhere near your food, you point and yell "NOOO Bogey!"
When you are trying really hard to do something, and you do it, you say "Thank you" and "You're welcome" to yourself.
I just can't tell you enough how much I love you! When I look at your precious little face with those sparkling eyes and that precious smile, I just melt. You're just so stinkin' cute. You never cease to amaze your dad and me; we are so proud of you. SO PROUD. You are so loved!


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