Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pregnancy (and everything else) Catch Up

So, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I have slacked. A lot. But, in fairness, I have slacked on everything else as well. For one, I decided to stop cleaning the house. I straightened it up now and then (or Jamie did, which means it got really bad). But as for scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping, etc.--NO. But the good thing that came out of this area of laziness is the hiring of the most wonderful cleaning lady ever. I never in a million years thought I would ever do this. It was up there with driving a mini-van or wearing Crocs. But I did it.'s freakin' fabulous. It's nice to know it will always be clean. One less thing to float around in my head until it's checked off the never ending list.

I am going to ease myself back into cooking again. I do enjoy it. Really. It's just difficult to get back up after those afternoon naps (that are a MUST) and motivate myself to stand in the kitchen for an hour. Hopefully, the second trimester--my favorite will bring back some energy soon. For now, the family will settle for to-go, fast food, frozen stuff, and dinners with the grandparents. But I will be back. I have watched way too much Food Network lately. Cravings need to be satisfied.

Another area I need to get back into is the couponing. WOW. Two drawers full of unorganized/uncut coupon inserts. I really don't even want to write about this because it stresses me out too much. I have a feeling I will get back into it as soon as my husband stops asking me about it. I'll get close to diving in again, then he asks, and POOF! my ambitions are shot. Kinda like when I would want to clean my room until my mom would remind me to. haha.

As far as how I have been feeling, I have been sick with cold/allergies/sinus/feelinglikecrap stuff for three weeks now, so I have not really felt very pregnant. Other than the thousands of pee trips throughout the day. I am happy that my nausea has subsided, though. That was not the funnest. With Aiden, I only remember feeling queasy a few times. This one was everyday. So glad I seem to be past that phase. I have definitely "popped". I have a friend who is 2 months ahead of me and we look about the same. What they say about the second and "uterus memory" is so true. But I was excited to get out my old maternity duds and especially those oh-so-wonderful Bella Bands! I have been eating like a maniac. Which has contributed to the aforementioned popping. But dang, y'all. Food tastes so good.

Aiden has fully grasped the fact that there is a baby in Mommy's belly. He kisses it, says "Hi. Wha' you doin?" and "I Aiden" (so cute). But that's about it. When we talk about the baby being outside of the belly...he is not so interested. Conversations go like this:
Us: Aiden, are you going to help love the baby?
Aiden: Uh huh. I love the baby.
Us: Can the baby sleep in your room too?
Aiden: No.
Us: Can the baby play with your toys?
Aiden: No.
We're working on that. I'm sure he will adjust fine. I realize it's going to rock his little world, but he has always been so easy going with change and milestones, that I don't worry about it too much. I just can't wait to see them together. UGH so sweet.

I'll leave you with the latest pic of the little one and a video of hearing the heartbeat. The pic was from our last ultrasound session at 9 weeks. Still a little bean, but with little arms and legs. We even got to see them kicking. The heartbeat was heard at 10 weeks which was our final confirmation...that was when I finally cried the tears of joy. I can't wait until our next appointment around 15 weeks. We'll get to try and sneak a peak at the gender! EEEEEK!


Kristen said...

I'm glad you're finally feeling better!

Aiden's conversation about the baby made me laugh - loved it!

Kristen said...
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Anonymous said...

Awww, I remember getting to hear the heartbeat! That was almost even better than seeing them on the ultrasound. I feel myself starting to miss the pregnancy stuff....I need to go hug Lexie now. :o) Glad to hear you're feeling a little better, and that you got a housekeeper! Score! Maybe you can manage to keep her even after the baby gets here!

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