Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coffee Confessions

I do not blog enough. I don't know why. I freaking love it. Really. But also? I am a major procrastinator, no matter what it is. Even things I enjoy. I'm weird and I know it. 

On that note, I believe I am officially "old". For several reasons: Every time I watch SNL, I know the host, but have no clue who the musical guest is. And when I watch the performance, I fast forward it because "Music just isn't good like it was in MY DAY." Seriously, though? That group LMFAO? They look like a couple of idiots. And while the songs are catchy, do they really have as much talent as R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, Nirvana, Dave Matthews? Negative. WOW. I sound like a parent. Oh, wait...

There are two huge plants on my patio that are so D E A D. But I do nothing but walk past them twice a day and think, "Dang. The plants are dead."

I butchered my dog's hair yesterday. I thought I could cut and clip him like the groomer and save $100. But he wasn't having it. He even bit me. So now he looks awful. Every time I look at him, I hear Sarah McLachlan singing. We're taking him to the groomer next week. And when I say "We" I mean Jamie. Because I'm too embarrassed. 

I am obsessed with two things right now. It's not healthy. One is the JuJuBe diaper bag that I am willing to almost do anything for. It is way too expensive. It is also way too awesome. So it's worth it. Right? The other is Tarte lip tints. I spent a gift card at ULTA a couple weeks ago and bought one for $24 which is ridiculous, but I justified it b/c of the gift card. But I LOVE IT! And now I want more. I found a set of 5 for $30, but everyone is sold out. This makes me sad.

In four weeks or so, I will be a mother of two. I will also be able to stay at home for almost five months. I am tearing up right now just thinking about it. To say I am thankful would be an understatement. SO blessed.

I came home Friday night around 10 and straight-up baked a chocolate cake. Then I ate like three pieces of it. Truth.

I lost a gift certificate for a mani-pedi. This upsets me to the core because I really want pink toes for Valentine's Week (silly, I know). Usually, I would do it myself. But? I'm pregnant, and I can't reach my dad-gum toes. I may have to ask the husband. Bless his heart. 

I wear the same pair of pants to work every. day. They are black Liz Lange pants from Target, and they feel like pajamas. I wash them on the weekend. So that makes it okay.

I absolutely adore my husband. He is still the hottest thing walking. He is kind and gentle with our son. He goes to the grocery store for me and gets gas for me. He comes to all of our doctor appointments. He even has tried to pick up after himself lately. I know he is making an effort for me, and that melts my heart. His smile is awesome. And so are his legs. 

I cannot wait until Valentine's Day! Everything is pink and red. I get to eat chocolate. I get to go out to dinner and get dressed up. It also means Spring is just around the corner! Bring it on.

K. I'm done.
Happy Valentine's Week!

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