Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My First 2 Weeks {As A Mommy of Two}

Coming Home
When we came home that Friday afternoon, I was so excited to get settled in. After about an hour of unpacking, laundry, and last minute nesting of baby items, I simply couldn't wait to put her in all things soft and pink. Aiden couldn't wait to show her his toys and have her put on the floor to play with him. We had to explain that she wasn't quite ready for that. He was content with just giving her kisses. Later that evening, family came by to visit. The next couple of days all blur together - a mixture of visitors, photos, gifts, and lots and LOTS of food! Not to mention sleeping and feeding in two hour increments.

We were so blessed to have so many family members help out with Aiden. It was good to have that quality alone time with Anna Scott, and I think equally good for him to have more attention those first couple of days. As much as I missed him, I knew it was important for me to give 100% to bonding with baby girl. I also didn't want him to feel left out or ignored amongst all of the craziness. The first day that we all woke up together (and I was all on my own) was not half as stressful as I thought it would be. Aiden was more than eager to help out with anything and everything, and did not seem the slightest bit phased by all of the baby holding going on. I still made him snuggle with me anyway. I have to say he has been such a great help, going to get diapers, throw things away, getting her her paci when needed, etc. When he does help out, he calls himself (super hero of the day) before dashing off to his destination. The current top three are Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman. I try hard everyday to give him one on one time during her morning snoozes. We play in his room (his favorite) with super heroes galore! He is even sure to get me a pillow to sit on each time because he knows that it hurts to sit on the floor - such a sweet, sweet son.

The nights have been fine. Those first few days were hard on me physically. Once the pain meds ran out and the milk came in, OUCH. (Sorry for the TMI) Add to that tiny naps in place of a straight 8 hour night's sleep and raging hormones, and you have a crazy woman on your hands. Poor Jamie. But after those first couple of weeks, I noticed the weepies going away. Anna Scott started taking a little more each feeding which gave me longer stretches of sleep, and I started napping when Aiden napped (whenever I could). Now, we have a nice little routine. And most importantly, it has wiggle room. Which keeps me sane. The only thing I'm still working toward is evening time with Jamie. When I put Aiden and Anna Scott to bed, I dive in as well. I'm usually dead to the world around 7 pm everyday. I'm hoping that as her nighttime feedings stretch out, I'll be able to swing some primetime TV or a movie night with the hubs.

Our Routine
Our typical day begins with a feeding around 6 am. I try to squeeze in a little extra sleep before Aiden crawls into bed with us around 7:30. When that happens, I get up, pump, and fix Anna Scott's bottle for later. I get Aiden dressed, make up his bed, and we head downstairs to make breakfast. We spend our time with Mickey Mouse, get some cuddle time, and Mommy gets her caffeine. When she gets up, I feed her while he plays and like I said earlier, she goes to sleep and we play together in his room. SOMETIMES, I sneak in a little of The View or Barefoot Contessa. Then we have lunch and naptime. Mommy's favorite! If I'm dead tired, I'll take a nap. If not, I'll stare at her, take photos, blog (like today), or watch some Friday Night Lights. When he gets up, we get a snack and play. Then we just sort of do whatever until Daddy gets home. Last night, I added a relaxing, candlelit bath to my routine before going to bed. That was a brilliant idea. Slept like a baby. In four to five hour intervals, of course.
Overall, this has been the best time of my life. I feel so complete. I wake up everyday eager and ready for what the day holds. I go to bed each night so thankful for the day I was given. Being a mommy of two has to be the most fulfilling and rewarding experience ever. Each day is the best day of my life.

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