Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nursery/Big Boy Room Reveal

When we picked out this house, I was not even pregnant with Aiden yet. A baby was part of the plan, of course, but we didn't think about two babies. We just were thinking one step at a time, I guess. So, when the plan for baby number two came along, we looked at other houses, but never put ours on the market. I went through a few panic attacks, not gonna lie. Where will we store everything? How will I decorate? What if it's a girl? But, when we found out it was in fact a girl...I calmed down. Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, I was content with where we are. I was bound and determined to make it work. I started gutting the walk-in closet, organizing storage bins for the attic, and making room for baby.
It worked! There is room for everything. A place for everything. Everything (most of the time) in its place. The next challenge was decor. I had always pictured white furniture for a girl. Problem #1. The manufacturer of Aiden's convertible crib/full size bed discontinued the conversion rails. Problem #2. Our solution? Use the espresso crib (until she has her own room-then I'll get the white) and purchase a headboard for Aiden. We still haven't done that by the way, but it'll get done. As for color scheme, I went through thousands of ideas, pinterest inspirations, and browsed the internet forever. Finally? I just decided to do what I wanted for him on "his side" and what I wanted to her on "her side". I didn't think about them blending well or whatever. I didn't want to compromise. And I think it worked out fine.
We did need something in the middle of the room to divide it in some way. That's where my contractor husband stepped in. He built a big deep-freezer-you-can-fit-a-dead-body-in-it-size toy box. We chose white instead of espresso so that it had that built-in look and became part of the room as opposed to another dark piece of furniture. And above that, we framed two baby stats printables. I got the layout from pinterest and just used word art in Microsoft Word to tweak the font sizes.
Aiden, obviously is in love with super heroes right now. So, around Christmas, when I came across these Batman sheets, I knew he had to have them! KiKi got them for him for Christmas, and Mommy and Daddy got him his big boy bed. Thankfully, Uncle B and G-Daddy and RaRa donated a super soft brown bedding set. That saved a lot of cash-o-la! Thanks, family. We moved his name down, which was super easy because we had originally "hung" them using 3M velcro strip thingies. But (lesson learned) when sure to pull down, not out. Or else, husband might get upset. Add a stuffed Spidey and Captain America? Done-zo.

The flipside (or actual side) or the quilt
As for Anna Scott's side, I went crazy with my mom in Pottery Barn Kids. After I had the bedding picked out, the rest was easy. If it was pink, I bought it. I added the pinterest pom pons hanging from the ceiling for extra fun! The same family friend that made Aiden's letters made some matching ones for Anna Scott, and that was that. We now have ourselves a fully decorated (minus Aiden's headboard and possibly a big shelf/ledge under the baby stats), fully functional nursery/big boy room, or as I like to call it the Bursery. It was a fun challenge, and I love the finished product. I can't wait to see them playing together on the floor!


Jessica Hudson said...

Love this!

My husband is insistent on having kids share rooms (he's one of 8 kids). How does it work out sleep wise? Does one wake up the other? I'm so curious!

It's gorgeous! Nice work mama!

Kristen said...

I love the combination! I think it works very well together!

Kristen said...

I love the combination! I think it works very well together!

Kristen said...

I love the combination! I think it works very well together!

Heather said...

Love it!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

You did a really great job! I was wondering how it would all work out. It looks amazing!

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