Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anna Scott's Baby Book - Two Months Old

Baby Boo,
Happy Two Month Birthday! This month flew past us faster than your first. Everything has evened out, and we now have a beautiful schedule! You, Aiden, and I run our days like a well-oiled machine! But, we are still flexible whenever we want to get out and have some fun. You are down to taking six bottles a day and sleep 9-10 hours straight each night! Thank you!! You have been sleeping for longer stretches for a few weeks now. 
Every morning during our snuggle time I notice how much you have grown. You've lost that pinkness and traded it for that baby soft skin, chubby cheeks, and chunky legs. I'm loving dressing you up in outfits! I could spend hours and hundreds of dollars in the baby stores. I am more than a little obsessed with all things pink. 
Talking, I have to say, is probably your favorite activity. Cooing, gurgling, squealing, and clicking (this cute noise you make with your mouth closed) are at a constant while holding you. You also always greet people with a smile. A big one too. And if we don't reciprocate, you get a little upset. You really like Mommy to make silly sounds. That keeps you entertained and content, but leaves my lips a little numb. 
You can fall asleep by yourself for your "big" naps and night time, but you love to be swaddled and sometimes you need your paci. Every time I swaddle you, I have to give your feetsies super smoochie kisses. It's a ritual I did with your brother too. I just can't not do it. During your "little" naps, Mommy likes to snuggle you, so I let you curl up on my chest. It's kinda my favorite. Other times, you will sleep in your swing-like when I have chores to do or food to stuff my face with.

Your favorite things to look at are the floor lamp by our rocking chair, the TV, people talking to you, and your teddy bear mobile. I crank it up for you while I wash your bottles in the morning. They keep you mesmerized. 

When you feel me put your bib on or you see your bottle, you start smacking your lips for your bottle. It gets me tickled every time. Just too cute. You still like to poop when the diaper is off, although it has gotten a lot better. I thank you for that. You have grown to love bath time as well. I knew you would because you love being naked. Ha. 
We had to take you for your doctor appointment yesterday, and while you impressed her with hitting all of your milestones (rolling from side to back, mini push-up, smiling, etc), you had to get your shots. It broke my heart. But, like your brother, you cried a little and then you were fine! Tough girl.
rolling from side to back

mini push-up
I thank God every day for giving me you, little girl. Just laying my eyes on you brings tears to my eyes. You remind me that miracles happen, and that God has a beautiful plan. I love you-love you!


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Anonymous said...

How sweet is she?! She really has grown a lot! And that's amazing that she's sleeping through the night so well! I hope she keeps it up for you!

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