Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Day/300 Ab Challenge

Life After I

Let me start with saying that I hate working out. Which may come as a surprise if you saw my yoga pant/Under Armour collection. I'm a major poser. I once saw them referred to as "fake out" clothes. I couldn't help but snicker. Honestly, I can count two times in my life that I actually stuck with any kind of workout plan. Both of those phases were when I was childless. And both were short-lived. The only other experience I have with fitness is the occasional dusting off and playing of a $10 Pilates DVD when I feel extra squishy (usually right before swimsuit shopping...or most often after). So needless to say, I've never seen any kind of results-my fault, of course. I think I'm too impatient. Or skeptical. Or both.

Enter Shannon Dew and her blog post on the 30 Day/300 Ab Challenge. I saw her results and was sold. It's different than seeing results on an infomercial. It was a real woman. A real mom. That's one thing I love about the blog world--getting advice and recommendations that you can trust. All I can say is girlfriend rocked this workout. I knew I had to try it. So, one night, I asked my hubs to be my motivator/coach (because I know my tendency to give up).

Days 1-5
SUCKED. I felt like an out of shape, goopy, sloth-like loser. And when I would wake up the next day , I simply felt like I would die. Okay, a little dramatic, but keep in mind I do absolutely no physical activity (other than lifting a baby and walking up and downstairs...oh, and shopping)

Day 5-8/today
I no longer feel sore throughout the day. I still am feeling a burn during the workout, but don't find myself having to take breaks every 5-10 reps. (Yeah, that's right. I said "reps". I talk the lingo now) I can get through the whole workout in under 15 minutes. I still can't do a legit sit-up without tucking my feet under furniture, but that gives me something to work toward. I also started to see and feel results around day 6! I felt like I was standing up straighter, and felt stronger somehow. It's like I felt more solid? Does that make sense? I also have noticed that I eat less and less often. I no longer look at eating half of a pizza as an enjoyable activity. I can be just as happy with one slice. Not sure if it's physical or just an I-don't-wanna-mess-this-up mentality, but either way, I feel healthier and I like it. My saggy post-baby pouch is shrinking and I'm noticing more definition to my tummy. Also, it doesn't protrude to 15 weeks preggo status after I eat a meal. That may be my favorite thing.
Day 1 vs. Day 7
Bottom line?
This workout is quick, it's easy (once you get past the hellacious first few days), and you get fast results. I feel healthier. I drink more water. I eat less. I'm sticking with it. It's perfect for this mommy of two. I can't wait to see everyone else's results! Thanks, Shannon, for the inspir- and perspir-ation!


Shannon Dew said...

Girl you look GREAT! I told you this once but you look so so good! Such an inspiration! I mean I definitely see a six pack forming! For reals!

Kate said...

You look amazing! Wow, what an incredible differece!

Crystal Seed said...

Hello!! Stopping by from the 300 link up! You look awesome!! You results are an inspiration!!!

Erica said...

Hi, I'm Erica. Found you through Shannon's site.

Nice work! You look great.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Your results are amazing!! way to go lady!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Just starting the challenge and found your link on Shannon's blog, you look great!! Your blog is super cute, I'll definitely be following!! :)

Kelly Foster said...

This is so inspiring!! I am starting this NOW! I'm so sick of my post baby belly!

bailey j said...

oh..my..good..gravy! those results are WICKED! look at your tubby - its so sexy!! i need to get on this train apparently. get it, girl!! x


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