Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today's Tackle List

I got up early (unintentionally), so I figured I would be proactive. I have a list of things to do that seems like a mile long. But I'm going to just start DO-ing and not sit and think about it. Like in football, don't lead with your head. Or else, you will get knocked-the-freak-out. If I worry about it all day, I'll get just as dizzy and worn out. So let's do this. I'm a cashew (for Jen). First, it's time to clean this house. I can't stand hanging out with dust, crumbs, footprints, etc. on my floors. Then, I'm going to tackle my coupon bin/notebook. It's getting a little crazy up in there, up in there (for Brandon). I would also like to head to Publix for next week's meal plan. I started e-mealz and I'm really excited about using savings to make actual meals. It's getting a little difficult to make nice meals that aren't repetitive. This subscription uses all sale items from Publix and makes a five day menu and shopping list. SO EXCITED! If I can get all of this done, I am rewarding myself with some new expensive Phyto shampoo. Don't tell Jamie. Finally, it's time to get the camera outside and work on my photography. Okay, so that's all the thinking I'm going to do. I blogged about it. Got it out of my system. Now it's time to HIT!

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