Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Projects

This week was my fabulous Spring Break. That week I have waited for since Christmas. That week where I can accomplish things around the house, enjoy fresh air and sunshine, get lots of rest before the marathon that is TCAP review, and most importantly, spend time with my baby boy!

Project #1: The Garage
This week, I had several projects to start and hopefully finish. The first was the garage. As most of you know, I have decided to start couponing. While researching it last week, I realized I was going to need a place for my stock pile. Don't worry, it will not be one of those crazy ones on TLC. Anyway, due to the lack of extra storage in our house, that left one place...the garage (cue the suspense music). I hate to admit it, but we have completely neglected our poor garage. Other than adding some shelves last year, we've done nothing to it in two years other than let the junk accumulate. It was my goal to actually put those shelves to good use, instead of letting it be a catch-all. In my mind, this would be a Saturday project for the hubby and me; however, boredom got the best of me when I got home on Friday afternoon. So I grabbed some boxes, a broom, and my Lenny Kravitz CD and tackled it! It felt so good to get that done. One funny side note...while I was cleaning, a couple walked by and asked, "Did you guys just move in?" Maybe we should get to know our neighbors...

after photo: coming soon (keep forgetting)
Project #2: Back Porch
When we got our tax money, I had a little fun at the LOFT (of course), we bought some new rugs for the house, paid some bills, then finally started to fix up our back porch. Like the garage, it had been neglected since we moved here. So, we got up and headed to Martin's Nursery to buy a porch swing. We thought about a patio set, but swings are way more fun! Then it was off to Lowe's to get a grill! With the great weather we have been having, I was super excited for this purchase! Not to mention the fact that it frees me from preparing a main course. Now I can just do fun sides...something that I normally don't put too much thought or energy into besides opening a can or letting a bag thaw out. Our next step is a garden. I decided to start small, but that post will come later. I will have to consult some experts first, seeing as how I know nothing about gardening other than I like pink and I want cute gloves to work with. I am willing to learn, though. I did purchase some cheap potted palm tree looking things. They're pretty, nothing awesome, but still progress!

Project #3: Closet Switch-out
One of my all-time favorite activities of Spring is trading my drab, heavy, dark clothes for the airy and bright colored clothes! It's like a shopping spree, but FREE! The worst part is switching out the cheap plastic hangers for the wooden ones (because I'm too cheap to buy enough for all of my clothes). That is very time consuming, but a good activity to pass the time while Aiden's napping. Then there's the lugging it all back and forth...UGH! But it got done, and I am happy that everything is neater, more organized, and brighter! The sad part of this project was Aiden's. I always get sad when I have to place his sweet little outfits into a rubbermaid. I get a little emotional when faced with how quickly time is passing. But it's good that I am reminded of it. It encourages me to savor more and more moments spent with him. So we're ready for Spring, aw heck...let's get real...we're ready for SUMMER! Bring. It. On. 

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