Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Not MY kid"

I know this phrase well. I can remember back in the dating days with my husband, sitting across from one another at a fancy restaurant, making googly eyes at one another (where did those days go, right?), when we notice a squirmy, whiny, overly obstinate toddler one table over. We would give a glance at the poor couple, stuffing any shiny object or tasty bit of food in front of the little caveman/woman's face. Then we'd meet each other's eyes with a knowing look and say, "Not my kid...our kids will be different."

Please excuse me while I double over with laughter.

Okay. Where was I? Oh yeah...we were wrong. Well, somewhat. I mean, he is still the most precious human I've ever met, and I am sure it could be much worse, but this week I met Caveman Aiden.

We got out and about on Friday morning to bring Jamie back after selling his car. When we took him home, I decided to do a little shopping. So we walked into Old Navy, headed to the bathing suit section where my bathing suit was not. They were out of my size. Figures. So that meant that my quick trip turned into a trying on trip. As I would browse and pick one up, Aiden would say, "Uuuu hold it." EVERYTIME. That was fine, but when we walked, he would trip on the strings and get a little more impatient. I knew the bomb was ticking, so I hurried up. Alas, nothing struck my fancy the way the original had so I asked the clerk to check other stores.

Um, Aiden didn't like that idea.

Clerk: They have one in Cool Springs. Do you want to put it on hold?
Me: Sure, that's great!
Aiden: Uuuu hold-joo!
Clerk: What's your name?
Me: [picking up Aiden] Britney
Aiden: Uuuu walk!
I put him down and he straight up BOLTS! I grab him. He whines.
Me: Aiden, DO NOT RUN!
Aiden: Raaaaawr! (wow, that's new)
Me: If you don't want Mommy to hold you, you have to stay right here, okay?
Aiden: Okay. [drops to the floor on his belly]
Clerk: They'll have it up front for you. [glances down at Aiden]
Me: [laughing to myself because I remember the phrase "Not my kid"] Okay, thanks!

I scooped up my caveman kid, and we walked out the doors.
We're working on the growling thing.

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