Monday, December 19, 2011

28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks

Total weight gain: Um. 30 pounds. I blame Thanksgiving.

Maternity clothes: Maternity clothes? Psssh. Try husband’s clothes. As soon as I’m home, it’s t-shirt and basketball shorts or sweat pants. As far as going out in public, I do that as seldom as possible. But my go-to is always my jeggings or my black dress pants from Target or Old navy. For tops, if it’s big/draped/long, I wear it. But like I said…when I’m home, all deals are off. Poor Jamie. He never sees me dressed up anymore.

Sleep: Between the burping and her kicking, not getting a lot of shuteye lately. I am still operating throughout the day though even with the lack of sleep. I like to think that the waking up every two hours thing is nature’s way of training me for those first few weeks.

Cravings: It really is still just milk. I love me a good glass of milk! I will say that lately, I have been wanting breakfast burritos. I had some last weekend at Dad and Rhonda’s, and they’re all I can think about since. I want to curl up inside one and live.

Best moment for these weeks: Seeing Aiden react to feeling Anna Scott’s kicks. His face just beams! The first time he saw my belly move, he said, “Anna Scott! You comin’ out?!” which consequently made Mommy’s face beam too.

Movement: WOW. This girl is active. I have been feeling movement since around weeks 16-17. Since then it’s gotten more frequent and more intense. I joke with Jamie and say that she has a pole in there. Girl’s got moves. Let’s just hope she’ll be a soccer player, not a dancer. Please, Jesus.

Labor Signs: no, gladly!

Belly button in or out: Finally committed to an outie—How do you spell that? It grosses my aunt and brother out. And I catch my kids staring at it while I teach, but I think it’s totally hot. Not.

What I miss: lying on my back without losing my breath and feeling the urge to cough, sleeping on my stomach, not burping and having heartburn all day, and definitely shopping for new outfits! Although it’s done wonders for our budget.

Milestones: Aiden feeling the kicks.

Favorite moments: When I have a stressful moment at work, and I feel her moving. It’s a nice little reminder that I have my baby girl with me.

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Kristen said...

I loved Aiden's response when he saw her moving around - so funny!

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