Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Santa

Seeing as how all of my recent posts have a common inspiration (my favorite time of the year), I thought I’d stick with my theme. I will argue that the best part of Christmas is the time spent with family (away from work worries) and all of the traditions. But, I have to be honest. I get mighty excited about the gifts, given and received. It’s that materialistic side of me, I know. But at least I’m aware. I mean, come on…Who doesn’t get super stoked when you see a pretty gift wearing a pretty tag with your name on it? DUH. So here’s what’s on Mommy’s list this year.

Last year for Christmas/Birthday I got a Canon Rebel. I got so hooked! It reminded me of those Christmases when I was little, and I would spend the whole break playing with my favorite toy. Because that’s what I did. I’m still in love with the thing. I still go through phases where I get addicted to those youtube tutorials. And Pinterest has added even more fun to my “toy”. So this year, I cannot wait to get my hands on a new lens and possibly even some editing software. I know pretty much zero about digital photography compared to other camera toting mommies, but I do know that this lens is what makes the background all blurry. I freakin’ love aperture. And this bad boy goes all the way to 1.8! Which means lots of blur. Like I said, I am way knowledgeable. Psssh.
Then there's Vera. Bradley, that is. I used to hate it, laugh at it, and even made Jamie swear to hit me if I ever wanted to buy it, but that was then. And this is now. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the stuff is cuter. Or maybe my taste changed? Either way, I love it. And I love the Happy Snails print “like a fat kid loves cake”—[best line ever btw]. I really want the diaper bag. Really. With Aiden, I had a navy Kate Spade which I loved, but I cannot wait to carry something girly! I also like how lightweight the bag is. Cause let’s face it, the smaller the human, the larger the amount of crap necessities to lug around.
I am addicted to the Starbucks Café Mocha. Straight up addicted. One morning, while in the drive-thru line at Starbucks (no joke), I heard an advertisement about getting that “coffee house latte” at home. Heck yeah! And the coolest part is that this guy puts it all in one pot. No steaming the milk, then adding the espresso. I can do that. Now, I’m no dummy. I know it won’t be the exact concoction that the $500 dollar machine and paid barista produce, but it’s close enough. And better than forking out that extra $4 each time. I even found the mocha powder they use for sale on ebay. Word.
Okay, let’s talk sparkle (and wishful thinking). I planted a seed to the husband back in October about some possible David Yurman jewelry. Let’s just say if this happens, I will cry like a baby. Or scream like a toddler. I always love anything he picks out for me. He really is the best shopper. Better than me. So, chances are, I will be ecstatic about whatever he gives me. Just a little extra enthusiasm if it has a little cable detailing. {wink}
Now, I do know that the true fun of Christmas is the giving. And, no lie, I am just as stoked (if not more) to give gifts this year. I am about to bust! I love that we started early, but having to wait is killer. So in the words of Alvin and the gang, "Hurry, Christmas. Hurry fast!"


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I used to not like Vera's stuff either and now I have several pieces that I love! I think she updated her patterns or we just got of the two.

Anonymous said...

I *think* that lens is called a macro lens, but I could be wrong. :o) I'm pretty new at this photography stuff, too! I've got a couple lenses on my wish list, but I don't think anyone's going to be able to afford them! :o)

I was VERY anti Vera Bradley, too. Then my aunt gave me a cute wallet. I still boycott the bags, but I do use that wallet!

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