Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catching up with the Warrens...

hmmm...let's see if I remember how to write.

I guess I get a little lazy. Also, I am a self-professed master-procrastinator. But, oh well. It is what it is. I'll blog four times a year, I guess.

So in the Warren house, we have been getting everything ready for Christmas. Actually, I have been getting ready since before Halloween (with the music, movies, and I even printed a Christmas planner!), but that's because I FREAKIN' LOVE CHRISTMAS! I mean seriously. I get all giddy when I pull up to get my Starbucks cafe mocha, and receive THE Christmas cup. I also love when Hallmark and ABC Family start showing those cheesy movies. {sigh} That's good stuff.

We had an excellent Thanksgiving Break (a.k.a. Christmas Break Practice). We ate wonderful food (twice), made a Wal-Mart trip that night, and even an early excursion to one of my fave places around the holidays, Bath and Body Works. I was proud of myself. After a day full of eating, I stood (sometimes sat on the floor) in line for 1.5 hours, slept four a few hours, then got up again! Go preggo! Aiden helped me decorate that week also, and even helped pick out the perfect tree. He was ultra picky, too. I was so proud. The tree? Is a big deal. Not even kidding. There were a few issues with our lights this year--I almost cried, but the crisis was averted.
So that brings us to the past couple of weeks. I have spent my days counting down with my students, trying to incorporate Christmas into every single lesson so that I had something to look forward to, and on days I was really bummed, making Starbucks runs. I've spent the evenings watching all of the Christmas classics with Aiden and even a few new ones. Jamie has even joined in on the viewing parties! Now, we're in the home stretch--four days and two hours to be exact. Man, it's gonna be a loooong week. And the kids are going to be insane, but I can do it! I just think of the payoff! Two whole weeks at home with my baby boy and watching him enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

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