Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pretty Cool Are the Jedi

Recently, my two (and a half) year old has become fascinated with a galaxy far, far away. He has a set of really cute Star Wars characters that he got a while ago. We tried explaining who they were when he got them, but he would just passively play with them from time to time. Well, in the past couple of days, he's become a fanatic. He calls them all his "Storm Troopers". He now knows the name of each, takes them everywhere with him, and has watched two full Star Wars "episodes" (which he also calls "Storm Troopers"). And if he's watching it, so is Mommy.

At first, {eh} it was alright. I paid quasi-attention to it while doing something else, playing on my phone, wrapping gifts, etc. But at some point in the week, I have been sucked in. I even found myself shushing Aiden and Jamie last night while watching Return of the Jedi. Who knew? I have googled more characters and questions than I even knew existed in the movies. And, on more than one occasion, have had to explain something to Jamie. For example, the tragedy of Anakin's transition from "The Chosen One" to "Darth Vader" and why his ghost was young instead of old. Aiden even knows that Darth Vader is a bad guy, but still good on the inside. ha.

Yes, I realize this makes me a weird person, but I like to think of it as simultaneously making me a cool mom. Even though I believe the term COOL MOM is an oxymoron. But still.
So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the possibility of Aiden opening some Star Wars toys this Christmas. Or if I said I haven't searched On Demand and DVR for the other movies I have yet to see. Or if I told you I don't do all of the voices and sound effects (even when not prompted). And if I denied secretly wishing I had Jedi powers. Because Star Wars is cool, okay?

May the force be with you.

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