Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Your Name

Before we knew you, there was debate
Our ideas were not the same
He had ideas, and I had mine
on what would be your name
Then one day, it happened
And we ended our campaigns
It was divine when we revealed
What would be your name
On the day of your beginning
The conclusion of the waiting game
You were handed to me, a swaddled gift
And I spoke aloud your name
When rocking you to sleep
Singing more softly with each refrain
I’d lean down gently and touch your nose
Tenderly whispering your name
In your first year, you smiled, you crawled
You walked, and we’d exclaim
How proud of you we all were
And then we’d chant your name
I look so forward to the days
My emotions can’t be contained
When the fridge is papered with cryptic art
That proudly displays your name
And then the day our hearts will swell
And they’ll break just the same
When in your cap and gown you’ll walk
As they announce your name
Later on, you’ll fall in love
And she will feel the same
You will stand and she will stand
As she says aloud your name
The two of you will look down one day
And I will watch tearstained
At the precious gift you have received
And “Daddy” will be your name.

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