Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Ode to Mom

I am reminded today of the amazing gift that is being a mother. Being that someone for someone else. The person he looks to for guidance, comfort, etc. What a blessing! I would not be the mother I am; however, if it were not for my mother teaching me and leading by example throughout my life. I am truly grateful for the lessons she has taught me:

My mother took us to church every Sunday. My mother read and studied her Bible in front of us. She blessed the food. Enough said.

Sacrifice for Your Children
My mother sacrificed many things for the benefit of my brother and me. She put in hours and hours of hard work. She sacrificed unknown credit card charges in order for us to have the things we wanted. She sacrificed time she probably needed to sit down and relax after work in order to put a home-cooked supper on the table every night. Looking back, I don't see how she did it-packing up a car by yourself, taking care of the house by yourself. I have Jamie, and we still barely get it all done. I love the simplicity of her response when I ask how she did it. You just do it.

Strength in Humility
My mother has always seemed so strong to me. When I have mentioned this to her, she always denies it. She has taught me that our strength comes not from ourselves or from the world, but from God. Always give the glory to Him.

Power of Forgiveness
My mother has had her share of "curveballs". While they have inevitably worn on her over the years, she always handled them with grace. She taught me at a young age to turn the other cheek. Later in life, I second guessed this lesson because I thought I felt weak compared to others and their backbone that I seemed to be lacking. But, honestly, I love that I do not feel ruled by my anger. Sure, I get mad! But I know that I don't have to get revenge. I forgive as He forgives. Much easier.

Thank you, Mom, for doing your part as my mother.
I love you


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

What a beautiful post. Hope you had a great mother's day!

amy (metz) walker said...

Love this: "She has taught me that our strength comes not from ourselves or from the world, but from God."

If I ever have a child that says this about me...I'm pretty sure I'd feel my life were complete. ;-)

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