Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aiden's Baby Book - 21 and 22 Months

Well, little man, you continue to grow and grow and grow! I have noticed over the past couple of months that you are getting very tall. I put some pajama pants on you just yesterday that you were wearing just this Christmas, but they looked like shorts on you! That made me sad, but excited at the same time because you are growing from my sweet little baby into my sweet little boy.
You're really beginning to enjoy clothes. You react to new outfits with a big smile and a "WOW". You like to look like Daddy. Most everything you put on is in your own words, "like Daddy's". Especially your new Under Armour shirts and cool shoes! This month you got a big boy haircut. You just love standing on your stool while I fix your hair-You're kind of a ham!
You still like to request movies in the car, but have added controlling the living room TV as well. Now, the number one request is "Buzz and Woody!" (aka Toy Story 1, 2, and 3) We have them all on DVR. Luckily for Mommy and Daddy, it's a pretty awesome selection for you to like. The Easter Bunny brought you a Buzz Lightyear this year! You were so excited! You have gotten so attached to him, that you even like him to watch the "Goodnight Show" lullaby in the bed with you and Mommy (tucked in too). You're such a good friend to Buzz!

So far, all foods are enjoyed by you. That comes from your Mommy. You have always been and excellent eater! I just hope you keep it up and don't get picky later on. Lately, you've been helping me cook. We have lots of fun adding ingredients, and you are such a good helper with throwing away trash and even starting the dishwasher!

You can use the fork and spoon without me hovering over you now. You even clean up and say "Uh oh" if you spill something. Sorry for making you a clean freak like me. But your future wife will appreciate it. You can hold on when we play horsey or ride our shoulders or back. These are a few of your favorite activities now. Books are holding your attention longer and you even know some lines of your favorites, especially Good Night Moon. You are learning how to say your prayers, bowing your head, putting your hands together, and saying the sweetest little "Amen". You ask to use the potty, and I am convinced that once you're home with me for summer, you'll be 100%!

Favorite Toys
Buzz Lightyear
Motorcycle and the keys

Funny Things You've Done
If you notice something you've forgotten or overlooked, you'll so "Oh".
When you play talk on the phone, you'll ramble on and randomly say "Umm".
One day you opened the drawer to the coffee table, saw my coupon binder and said "Coupons". You can even notice individual coupons. Mommy is so proud!
You like to line things up to where they are all facing the same direction. Again, I'm sorry.
You call your training pants "Buzz and Woody".
If you get hurt, you say, "Ow-ow-ow-ow". You got that from me. Oops.
If I get hurt, you'll hug me and say "It's okay". So sweet.
You'll love on your glow worm baby and even feed it and rock it to sleep. You'll make a great big brother one day.

As I said before, and I'm sure I will continue to say, you are growing quickly! You make my day, baby boy! I love you sooooooo much! In just a few weeks, we'll be on summer break; I cannot wait!

Love, Mommy

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