Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

Let it be known that you will probably think much less of me after reading this post. Please, please do not judge too harshly.

I must admit that I have a thing for reality television. I want to hate it and not ever watch it, but it's just impossible. They have had a kung fu grip on my heart ever since MTV's Real World, and I'm afraid they'll never let go. My new love is titled "Pregnant in Heels". It airs on Bravo (which should tell you a lot). Please don't hate me.
The show follows Rosie Pope, maternity designer and pregnancy concierge. That's right. Pregnancy concierge, someone who is paid mega bucks to do ridiculous things for her pregnant clients. I really like Rosie. She has a two year old son and is currently having to undergo fertility treatments. She speaks openly about her situation, which I think was the first thing I was drawn to. My other reasons are much more shallow. I love her outfits, her flamboyantly gay assistant, and all of her seriously deranged millionaire clients. It's like watching COPS, Project Runway, and A Baby Story all in one show! If you ever watch it, don't expect to be blown away. The parents she visits are unbelievably dumb, but I'm guessing that's why they're on the show. She has an accent/speech impediment which I'm sure some people find irritating, but I think it's part of her charm. The show is far from award winning, but I am not going to lie...I kind of love it. For reasons I can't quite explain. I hope you can understand.


Ashley Paige said...

ok, i love your blog. once again, you hit the nail on the head. this show is such a hot mess, it's like a bad train wreck.. you can't help but watch! definitely a la COPS and A Baby Story! Too funny!

I'll admit, it took me a bit to get past Rosie and her awkward accent/speech impediment. For a while, that was all I could focus on. Well, that and her amazing clothes. LOVE them.

And secretly? I would love to be friends with half the crazies she tends to. Those women are OFF their proverbial baby rockers... but heck, how much fun would THAT be??! :) I'm hooked.

Heather said...

I love pregnant in heels too!

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