Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I Miss (Alternately Titled: What I Look Forward To)

Most of you know that we have been trying for another baby for about a year and a half now, and I am struggling with letting go of my own plan and letting God's will be okay with me. I won't lie. It's hard. I know deep down that I will have another baby. Maybe even two more. I know. I have faith. So what I'm trying to say is that this is not a pouty/doubty post. I just felt like reminiscing over the sweetness that is having a newborn. So while it's things I miss or loved about Aiden, it's also what I look forward to when we have our next baby.
The hospital linens. I know it sounds strange. You spend most of your time as newlyweds finding the perfect thread count sheets, the fluffiest (hypo-allergenic) duvet, squishy pillows, you get it. But for me, the first night of sleep in those linens was heaven. Not to mention Aiden's sweet little swaddle blankets and hospital t-shirt. And I realize it's the most hideous thing I've probably ever worn, but that gown was pretty convenient too! Ha.

The nurses. I was blessed with the most wonderful nurses. I loved hearing that knock every few hours followed by the hushed word, "nursery". Bliss. They took such good care of us, my baby boy and me. If I was really rich, and was sure that no one would find out, I would totally hire one. Shhh.

Laying in bed and staring at him sleeping so soundly. I am quite sure I stared at him more than any other object ever. I still do.

New baby stuff. I freaking loved getting those cute gift bags of more and more polka dotted, puppy dog, monogrammed outfits, burp cloths, swaddlers, etc. I loved the trips to Babies R Us, the showers, and most of all nesting-organizing it all and getting it ready. I still wistfully wander down the baby aisles. It even smells like a baby.

Speaking of smell, smelling that newborn smell. Enough said.

Now, while I miss those things, nothing compares to the new things that come each month he grows. I like to think that God planned it perfectly that way. Just for us mommies. He always knows what we need.

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