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Aiden's Baby Book - Pregnancy

Hi there, my sweet baby boy! Mommy has definitely got a lot to catch up on. When I sat down to begin writing about your milestones and wonderful things you do and say, I thought it just wouldn't be fair to start 20 months in. I then began thinking, "Well, what better place to start than at the beginning." So, Aiden, that is what I will do. Let's start with the day Daddy and I discovered we were expecting...

It was Wednesday, October 21, 2008. It was like any other Wednesday morning. I was driving to school, milling through the countless thoughts running wild in my head, when I remembered a dream I had the night before. I had dreamt of a baby GIRL. I remembered holding her and I knew that she was mine. So, with that thought in mind, I decided to purchase a pregnancy test before school. And sure enough, it was POSITIVE!  I immediately called your daddy (woke him up, I'm sure) to tell him the great news. Later I thought I would have to remind him for fear he would think he dreamt the phone call. Daddy likes to sleep, am I right? That afternoon, he came home with two Nike baby outfits, one blue, one pink...He thinks of everything! That evening, we had Ra-Ra's birthday party. It was a rock band theme. We had pizza and cake, and everyone began making their way upstairs for Rock Band playing. I, on the other hand, went on home. But not without Uncle B giving me a hard time. Little did he know, he would be eating those words in about a month! Below is a photo taken that night of Ra-Ra and G-Daddy. Please excuse the outfits. 

And so began our journey. Our journey to becoming your mommy and daddy. Our journey of cravings, registry lists, thank you notes, doctor visits, nesting, heartburn, nausea, shopping, backrubs, and many many more things you will hear about from me for the rest of your life! It comes with the territory, kiddo. 

Mommy's Tummy 9 weeks

The day we told our families was the day it became more real to me. We waited until I was around 11 weeks along to spill the beans (a little early, but the Thanksgiving Spirit got to us). I kind of have this affinity for togetherness...and food, but especially togetherness WITH food! Thanksgiving 2008 was at our house on Runnymeade Drive. Mommy made all of the fixings, even a turkey! Well, G-Daddy handled the turkey (fried it, yum!). But Mommy had to clean it out, and you and I did not enjoy that very much at all! In fact, that became Daddy's job. Here is a picture of me in our kitchen cooking things up.

That night, we all gathered at Blake and Becca's house for more food and drawing names for Christmas. I remember asking your daddy numerous times throughout the day if we should tell everyone or not. Finally, the excitement got the best of us. Your Aunt Betsy had known for a while because of Daddy leaving work for my doctor appointments. She is so quick! And thoughtful too; she bought you your first toy, a little plush frog rattle. I had that in my purse, wrapped in its bag. I tossed it to G-Daddy as his "early birthday gift". When he opened it, the tears began. Even Uncle B got emotional. I was sure to give him a guilt trip to (for all of those comments about being sleepy all the time). We all hugged and laughed, then I went upstairs to call everyone else. More tears, more laughter, more elation. I remember Ki-Ki being so surprised that I was able to keep it secret for so long! I can't believe it night we ate out and she had lobster bisque soup. I made a comment about how strong it smelled, and she said, "Are you pregnant?!" hmmm, mommies sure are intuitive, aren't they? Remember that. Here is a photo taken with G-Daddy, the toy, and Daddy.

That night, Daddy and I stayed up until 5 in the morning, driving to Atlanta to buy a brand new couch. We called this our baby celebration gift! It was a rough night for Mommy. But worth it, plus there was a HUGE breakfast bar waiting for us at our hotel. Things like that make a pregnant woman's day!

You at 11 weeks

As time went by, clothes got more difficult to wear, but I wasn't quite ready for full-on maternity wear. I resorted to bella bands and loose tops. And suddenly, scarves became a staple in my wardrobe. Here is Mommy at her birthday party. I remember being so happy thinking that I already had the best birthday gift I could have asked for.

Mommy's tummy at 18 weeks

You at 18 weeks

Our favorite foods were the following: Captain Crunch (no berries), frozen pancakes with strawberry syrup, strawberry waffles with regular syrup, Taco Bell bean burritos, pizza...duh, Carrabba's  Cicilian chicken soup, chicken marsala and smashed potatoes, Little Debbie S'mores, Camino Real chicken quesadillas. These were the bees' knees, the creme de la creme, the things that I would nag your daddy for until they were mine. This helped out with the significant POP seen below. 

Mommy's tummy at 23 weeks

For Spring Break of 2009, your daddy treated us to a relaxing week in our favorite vacation spot, Destin! Even though we only had sun on day one, and the rest of the trip was a continuous rain shower, it was still a great escape from school and housework. Also, due to the weather, we were FORCED to spend more time at the mall, where Mommy found lots of items that cheered her up. And then there were the restaurants where you and I feasted beyond belief. Daddy even got a massage for me and let me have the bed all to myself. By this point, you made it a little more than difficult to get a good night's sleep. I was convinced you would be a night owl. Here is a photo taken from our balcony of mommy and you.

As you (and my belly) continued to grow, and the time seemed to suddenly stand still, I had to look for my happy place. My happy place could be found in many of my favorite activities, some of which I participated in up until the day you were born!

Visits to Babies R Us (especially the ones that followed a Camino quesadilla) were a weekly ritual for me and your dad. Buying anything that was light blue or smelled of baby powder would bring me absolute joy.

Getting my nails done became another weekly trip, especially those last few weeks before you were born. I even was sitting in the chair at Nails So Happy when I felt my first contraction. Of course, then, I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Shopping for bright colored maternity tops. You know I can never turn down shopping, even when I am super-duper pregnant. My favorite shirt ever was one I got in Destin. I wore it pretty much everyday. It was a gift from you and your daddy.

Showers...need I say more? You got so many special gifts at our showers. Precious clothes, really cool gear. All of your furniture and bedding was equally enjoyable to select, purchase, and put together. Even though we were in the middle of trying to sell our house, we still did a great job getting your room put together and making plenty of room for all of your necessities and goodies! 

Another fond memory is when your G-Daddy and I went to see 3D photos and video of you! We knew that day that you would have your daddy's nose, and mommy's mouth, and of course, that you were the most beautiful baby we had ever seen.

I also became addicted to watching A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby on TLC. During the summer, I would curl up in the bed and watch these shows with hope and anticipation. I cried every episode. Big surprise.

I loved to amuse myself with your mannerisms, even before you were born. At night, particularly when Mommy needed her sleep, you would kick, and kick, and kick, well you get it. While it kept me up, there was no one else I would rather stay up late with! Speaking of kicking, when Daddy and I would lie in bed and watch television, we would get tickled by placing the remote or laptop on my belly and watch you kick it off! I loved feeling you move around during the day. I would press against your tiny feet, and wait for your response. It was like our own little method of saying "Hey, I love you". 

My other favorite thing was doing your baby laundry. I continued using the same detergent up into your toddler years. There are few things sweeter than the sweet baby smell of Dreft! I would be in heaven sitting on the bed folding your sweet smelling baby-soft clothes and blankets. 

Up until you were born, I would have doctor's appointments each week. Every visit, before we would leave, your daddy and I would have to walk to the nursery and look at all of the babies through the window. All the while knowing that within days, we would be looking through that glass at our own little bundle of joy!

Here is a pic of your very happy mom and dad. Can you tell how excited we are to meet you? P.S. Mommy's wearing her favorite shirt!

Mommy's tummy at 29 weeks

Mommy's tummy right around your due date...I was getting a little anxious for you to be born already!

I was getting so impatient with the whole waiting game, that I tried everything to meet you on my own time. I would go to Marina's on the square and eat eggplant parmesan, drink raspberry leaf tea, take Bogey for long walks on the golf course, and I even tried acupressure. But I found out soon that you just had to make your mind up. Silly Mommy.

Little man, I can't ever say it enough...I love you more than words can ever express. I loved you before I even met you. You are Mommy's gift from God. You came to Mommy and Daddy as the biggest blessing either one of us had ever received. Always remember this.

Love, Mommy

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