Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures in Couponing

Recently, I decided to start couponing. I know now that you can't buy stuff just because you have a coupon. The key is waiting until the item is at a rock bottom price. I found two great website that help me find the best prices, and they even tell me what coupons I need. I posted the links at the bottom of this post in case anyone is interested. My first try was somewhat successful, but nothing to get too ecstatic about. I spent $64 at Kroger on $111 worth of stuff. I know now that I should have thought more about the sets of ten items. Also, I did not have that many coupons at this point, so I didn't have one for every item. But saving $47 was a lot better than I had done in the past.

My next attempt was smaller--CVS. This time, I only purchased items that I had a coupon for and that gave me extra bucks back. I even numbered my transactions (five total). The clerk was so patient and very helpful. It was a very stress free and exciting experience! I got $73 worth of items for $39 plus $2 extra bucks for my next trip. Below is a pic--I was very excited about the Clorox wipes!

I still wasn't saving the thrilling amounts I was aspiring know, like those people on TLC. So I got a little discouraged. I decided I was going to continue to collect more coupons and try when I completely understood the process. That is until I sent Jamie on a Walgreens run for printer ink (kinda used it up printing coupons) when he called to tell me it would be a while. So I searched for some deals that didn't require a coupon. This is what he got: Almay Eyeliner and some plackers ($11) we got $.66 back. Our first MONEYMAKER!!! 

I had told my brother's girlfriend, Kara, who is unbelievably awesome about my new hobby, and she let her unbelievable awesome mom know. Her mom is what I would call a professional couponer. Through emails, she has taught me a lot. I know a better way of thinking about the coupon now. I understood it before, but now it's not as vague. She also hooked me up with a shopping trip's worth of coupons. They all applied to the Kroger mega sale that I mega failed at earlier in the week. Anyway, I took her advice and got a LOAD of Powerade, Vitamin Water, pasta, dip, and cooking creme! It was an unusual shopping trip, buying a few items, but counting by 20s and 30s. Supposedly this is something we'll do every six weeks or so--stock up on super low priced items that you or someone you know will actually use. That's what we did, and it was awesome. Even little man tagged along (diaperless bottom and all!) and didn't whine one bit. It was a double success!

Before coupons/Kroger discounts: $179
Total due: $17
Total Savings: $153!!!
*We had to go back to fix a mistake. Got $10*

And, yes, people stood around to watch the total decrease. And, yes, my husband took pictures. It was our first time, and it was awesome. I can't wait until the next adventure! 

Here's our growing stockpile. Not bad for the first week. Does it make you wanna buy a binder?

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