Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Operation: Potty Train - Day One

Well, the little man is in bed, and Jamie and I are watching a movie. Today was a lot more successful than I had anticipated. He used the potty first thing when he woke up and we celebrated the fact that he didn't have to wear a diaper today. BIG BOY! He acted a little excited, but he didn't act too differently. He ran around playing like his usual self. 

Between 8 and 10 this morning, he had two and a half accidents. The first was precious (or at least the look on his face was, not so much the mess). He was sitting on the ottoman and just looked up at me with the most confused little expression. We went to the potty and he helped me clean it up. The next accident, he stopped and told me and we got to the potty in time. That was impressive. The third happened out of my sight. Surprisingly, he yelled to let me know that it happened and pointed. So honest!

He slept a good two hours and didn't even wet his diaper at all (he can wear a diaper at bedtime and naps). He told me he had to go a couple of times and did. Those were worth all of the clean-ups! He even went no.2 (yep, I went there) in the potty, and never during an accident...AWESOME!

He did have one more accident this evening, but again, there were more "hits" than there were "misses". Overall, I feel so proud and excited for tomorrow. I am especially excited about going outside! I've noticed a little bit of cabin fever this afternoon. I will keep posting progress over the next couple of days. Hopefully, we'll be successful!

I guess I'll throw in a bonus movie review since it's finishing up as I type:
The Tourist - It's okay...a little predictable. NOT action packed like what I expected, but better than TV.

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Laura said...

Yay!!!!!!! So glad it's going well. Can't wait to hear the rest.

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