Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aiden's Baby Book - 19 and 20 months

Well, Aiden, you have become a little man of opinion. This month, you began saying “uh-uh” and “uh-huh”. When we would ask you if you wanted to go night-night, you could answer with a yes or a no. My favorite is when you say, “uh-uh…no”. That is one of the cutest things you have done in a while! You also will hug and give kisses…they’re awesome too. When Mommy gets hurt, you say “Ya-okay?” and give me a kiss. Also, when you get in trouble, you lean your head toward mine and give kisses. Slick little booger.

We played in the snow during one of Mommy's many snow days this year, and you helped make a snowman (which you called a "punkin"). I thoroughly enjoyed all of the extra time I got to spend with you. We would wake up, eat oatmeal or "metmeals", watch Sprout, play, nap, cuddle, and play some more. It is truly my idea of the perfect day.

You also started using the potty! In fact, on your first try, you went number one and number two. Again, you impress us with your ability to go above and beyond expectations. Whenever we ask if you need to potty, you can answer, but sometimes you don’t want anything to do with it—at all! You still use your diaper, but whenever you sit on the potty, you do it! It’s just getting you to go there first. Mommy is going to work with you next week (my Spring Break), and I bet you will figure it out. You always do.
You can work a wooden puzzle. On your first try, you did three simultaneously. I think you’re a genius, but I may be a little biased. You can feed yourself a lot more neatly with a fork or spoon, but when all else fails, you’ll result back to using the hands.

Your Favorite Toys
You love playing with your Little People cars. Even though you have plenty of toys downstairs, your favorite thing to do is go upstairs to play in your room. When we are downstairs, though, you ride around on you Harley Motorcycle that Gi-Gi and Ga-Ga got you for Christmas—a.k.a. “mo-mo”. You have shown your likeness to your mom by lining up your cars. They all must face the same direction, and the have to be in a straight line. You also like putting things in a designated place, then taking them out to do it again. This makes me smile. You like to bring your Magna Doodle over to me or Daddy and request different drawings. Usually a dog or a basketball are at the top of your list, until recently when you threw us off with a “Nemo!” Mommy tried her best. You like chasing Bogey (always have), although, sometimes we have to remind you to be nice to him. You like to hide from Mommy in your tent. You think you’re so funny when you scurry inside and say, “hidin”. I laugh every time. Bath time is another favorite of yours. While having your hair rinsed is not at the top of your list, you love to play with the toys and splash around. The other day, you even laid yourself down in the water and loved it! When riding in the car, you absolutely must have a DVD playing (a battle I lost to your dad long ago). As soon as you are strapped in, we here either “Viggles” (The Wiggles), “Memo” (Finding Nemo), or “Cars”. You even like to change your mind mid-movie—just exercising your opinion, of course.

Funny Things You’ve Done
Your mean face
Your happy face—You smile and clap and say “Happy! Happy!”
You run around and shoot your tiny fists in the air with excitement.
When you fall or drop something, you grunt like Mommy and G-Daddy.
Your made up gibberish sentences—I really think YOU know what you’re saying.
When you see things that look like baby toys, you say “babies.”
When you take big bites, you make a chomp noise.
Animal noises: pig, cat, dog, tiger
Instead of “coffee” you say “fah-kee”
You can get a dish detergent packet out of the bag, and put it in the dishwasher.
Your dance moves are improving. You still do your elbows up/old man jig, but with more swagger.

I can’t wait until next week when I can be with you all day, everyday.
I love you, baby boy.

Love, Mommy

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Kristen said...

What a doll! He's gotten so big!

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