Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finding Jesus

Yesterday, while catching up on the weekend’s devotionals, I came across something that sort of rocked my world. Have I mentioned lately how great this little book is? Well, it is. I hate to admit it, but I did get behind over break, but it was kinda cool to be able to read several in one sitting. I took notes so that I wouldn’t rush through and forget—something I teach my kids to do, so I figured I should practice what I preach. One thing stuck with me through the night and into this morning. I even made a little sign for my desk at work.
“Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking Me continually.”
I read that and I thought “Ding-ding that’s it!”. I am constantly working on letting go of my control of my world, but I have been struggling with accomplishing that goal. I know I want to let Him take control, but my head and those aforementioned voices start planning and evaluating. That is why I cannot let go. I have a habit of planning and evaluating, not a habit of trusting and thanking. Sure, I trust God wholeheartedly, and I am extremely thankful for everything He does for me; however, I wouldn’t consider it a continual practice or habit. So today, I am going to start a new habit and limit my planning and evaluating. While I will still plan and evaluate a little (occupational hazard), I will mix it with equal parts trust and thanksgiving. In my personal life; however, I will let go of the planning for tomorrow and evaluating yesterday. I will trust Him completely with what is to come, and I will thank Him for every little thing.
“Thankfulness is where you find Me.”
This morning I found Jesus…
When I woke from a full night’s rest.
At all of the green lights I was able to drive right on through.
At McDonald’s when I got a coffee with loose change in my car.
In my devotional book.
In my beautiful friend and coworker, Karla, who shared her lesson with me today.
And it’s only 7:15!
Where did you find Him?


1 comment:

Kristen said...

I'm such a planner, that this is a hard thing for me to do as well! Great reminder! :-)

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