Monday, March 28, 2011

Operation: Potty Train - Day Three

Day three consisted of zero, I repeat ZERO accidents. He let me know when he had to "poo-poo" in the potty (he calls both pee-pee and poo-poo the same thing--something we're working on). I did still ask every hour or so just to be sure, but for the most part, I would say he progressed tremendously! We didn't get to play outside with it being so wet and cold, but we did lots more celebrating with Bogey and snacking.

When Jamie got home, we left to make our amazing Kroger run. The rules said that we could leave the house, but he had to wear just loose pants (no underwear, no pull-ups). So we did it. And he did it! I was so proud. I did have a moment of doubt, though...let's just say there was gas involved. But all was well. Now, that would have been a nightmare. So, overall day three was 100% success!

Now, it's Monday (three days later). He will tell us he needs to potty and just has accidents while sleeping. We bought some underwear for the weekends and pull-ups for sleeping (which he LOVES!) He gets upset when I take the pull-ups off and throw them away--good sign. He went to Gi-Gi and Ga-Ga's house today, so some progress was lost, but I feel good about the foundation we've established: he knows to tell us, he knows not to do it if he is bare bottomed, he is eager to potty and receive praise. All in all, those are above and beyond where I wanted him to be. If I were at home to continue reinforcing, I am positive he would be potty trained within a week. I would say that three days really does teach them what to do and helps them understand; however, inconsistency can throw a kink in things. I will continue the bare bottom technique while we are home on weekends, and hit it hard in the summer if needed! The naked technique definitely works! Good job, Aiden!

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Laura said...

YAY Aiden!!! That's so awesome. I'll definitely have to refer back to this when it's time for Ethan to potty train.

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