Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aiden's Baby Book - Our Stay at G-Daddy's

When we sold the house (the week you were born), we had to move out within a week. Our new house was not ready, so we had to live at G-Daddy’s house while we waited. What was supposed to be a couple of weeks, turned into months, but we enjoyed every minutes of it. In these precious few months of your life, you hit lots of milestones, and we made many beautiful memories.

On your one month birthday, Mommy and Daddy bought you a play mat from Toys R us. We couldn’t wait to get it home so that you could play with it. You loved looking at all of the bright colors, and especially the lights that twinkled to the music. We would let you lie on your back, then your tummy to work on holding your head up, even though you were already doing this the first night we brought you home. You have always impressed us with your advanced development, and continue to do so.


We were still living at G-Daddy’s and Ra-Ra’s house. Your first months were a lot of fun. You and would hang out. I can remember being perfectly content just looking at you, asleep or awake. I was so mesmerized by the miracle that was you. Uncle B was a great help to me; he would go to get you and calm you if you cried while I was downstairs doing laundry or washing your bottles. I think you helped him to train for having his own little one. You had many visitors: Ki-Ki, Aunt Betsy, Ainsley, Chandler, Papa, Caroline, Trey, Clara and Roy, Vickie and Steve, Brad, Blake and Becca, Gi-Gi and Ga-Ga, Nini, Uncle Johnny and Aunt D, Paula and Jamie, Jamison and Peyton, Mommy’s friends, Kati and Mira, Heather and Daniel (who were expecting Carter within the next month or two) and many more to hold you and love on you. You were very captivating.

You became fond of your paci, which I later regretted. In your first few weeks, you weren’t interested at all. But for some reason, I kept giving it to you (sigh). We took it everywhere we went. Mommy even had special wipes for your paci if it ever fell on the ground! You also started sleeping longer stretches through the night. We would get up once in the middle of the night, feed you, and watch DVR episodes of HGTV or food network star. Mommy also would get a snack—zebra cakes and sprite were my favorites! You did not like bath time very much, though. You would scream so loudly, they could hear you in the bonus room!

August began your first football season! Every Saturday, we would put you in one of your many Tennessee outfits. You definitely had ample amounts of orange in your baby clothes collection. One day, I was holding you during the game and G-Daddy and Uncle B screamed so loudly at a play that it scared you, and you screamed too! Sometimes, during games, you and I would go to bed and watch it while we cuddled and napped.

We got you your bouncy seat when you were 3 months old. We had to put a throw pillow under your chubby little legs so that you could jump. You were still a little small for it. But you loved playing with the toys, and we adored watching you. You became more alert as the weeks went on. I started carrying you in your Baby Bjorn. This quickly became one of our favorite activities. I would wear you while washing bottles, doing laundry, and my favorite, shopping! On Labor Day, we had a little shopping spree together. We bought “happies” for Mommy and and a cool, new football outfit for you—a rugby shirt, jeans, and your first big boy shoes.

Overall, your first couple of months and our stay at G-Daddy’s house was a wonderful experience. We had family around all of the time, always willing to lend a helping hand. I am especially fond of our family meals, watching TV shows and movies in the bonus room, then retiring to our bedroom just a few steps away (while Daddy stayed up to play video games). It was good for everyone—We had help, they got to bond with you, and Uncle B got free Daddy Lessons.

We also went on our first family vacation to the beach in October. You put your feet in the ocean for the first time ever and we discovered that a 3 hour drive to Destin with a 3 month old and additional passengers was not worth the shopping we got to do. But we did spend lots of quality time together away from work and chores.

Reluctantly, I started back to school. The best part was that it made me a better teacher. I cared more than I had before, and it also made the afternoons much better. My favorite part of the day was when I heard you and Daddy come upstairs. I would cuddle you, feed you, play with you, bathe you, and cuddle or rock some more. Quality time with you was so precious! I remember one night, while the fantasy football draft was happening in the bonus room, I was rocking you to sleep and…

You smiled and laughed!

I was so excited, I ran into the bonus room, in the middle of everyone, completely interrupting them and broadcasted it to everyone! I have told you before, and I will never stop telling you how proud you make me and your dad. We love you, little man!

Love, Mommy

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